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TrustyCharge: Product Reviews and Ratings

TrustyCharge: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 94%Score 94%

TrustyCharge Product Description

TrustyCharge is a multi-purpose tool for every emergency and survival needs. You can use it as a radio to listen to the news during a natural disaster, as a flashlight to move around in the dark, and even as an alternative power source to charge your gadgets with. Package includes a micro USB cable and a smartphone cable.

Besides being a space saver, TrustyCharge can also be charged in three ways. You can plug it to a wall adaptor, desktop or laptop in order to charge electronically. It also comes equipped with a hand crank for mechanical charging. Two minutes of hand cranking can get you 15 minutes of radio and about an hour of flashlight. You can also just leave TrustyCharge under the sun to solar charge because it has solar plates on the sides. When fully charged either through solar or electronically, you can have 30 minutes of radio and over an hour of flashlight use.

TrustyCharge Pros & Cons



Multiple purposes and charging options


Lightweight but very durable


Can charge devices with iOs and Android systems



Flashlight is not as bright as I expected


Only 1000 mAh of stored power

Trusty Charge Features

TrustyCharge Radio Icon


TrustyCharge is a great radio because it can receive AM, FM and NOAA weather broadcasts wherever. You can listen using the speaker and adjust the volume. It also has a headphone jack if you want to plug in your earphones and listen discreetly.

TrustyCharge Flashlight


This device is equipped with 3 bright LED light bulbs which can reach a distance of 200 meters. It is made with LED s it’s brighter, more durable and long lasting than ordinary fluorescent light bulbs used by standard flashlights.

TrustyCharge Power Storage

Power Storage

TrustyCharge has the capacity to store 1000 mAh of power. You can use it to charge your smartphone or other devices. It has a USB port and is compatible with iOs and Android devices.



0.8x5x2.4 dimensions in inches


Weighs 7.8 ounces


Multiple charging options


LED light bulbs

TrustyCharge Review


Summary This is a good item to have if you’re into camping and outdoor trips. It performs all three of its purposes well from a radio, flashlight to a power bank. TrustyCharge is nice space saver because it can perform what you originally need 3 devices for. It’s also very handy and does not overheat so you can use it for a long time. This is of course a great thing to add to your emergency kit, especially if your area is prone to storms or blackouts. Or you can bring it with you on a hiking and camping trip. Because you can charge it without needing an electrical socket, TrustyCharge is more long lasting.


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  1. kevin p.

    Solid product! Very quick charging.


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