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NightGuide HD Driving Glasses: Product Reviews and Ratings

NightGuide HD Driving Glasses: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 88%Score 88%

NightGuide HD Driving Glasses Product Description

What is NightGuide HD and why do you need it?

Driving is a basic part of our everyday life and the risks that come with it are unavoidable. We are constantly subjected to all sorts of hazards on the road. And the danger only increases at night during which accidents are 8x more likely to occur.

Dim streetlights, blinking lights and the extreme high beams from oncoming traffic can make it almost impossible to see properly. They stress the eyes and cause fatigue, drowsiness and migraines. Not to mention the long term damage they cause on the retinas which then lead to weakened vision.

The different colors and levels of light intensity are also distracting. Even a momentary lapse of concentration is dangerous as it only takes a split second for a fatal accident to occur.

You can make the road safer by protecting your eyes. Try out NightGuide HD Driving Glasses which instantly improves vision quality and reduces light intensity. It helps you see better during low light and foggy conditions. Keeps your eyes protected and ultimately reduces the likelihood of accidents.

NightGuide HD Pros & Cons


Comfortable to wear
Effective against intense bright lights
Makes everything look sharper
Provides UV protection


Everything turns yellow
Only comes in one style

NightGuide HD Features

NightGuide HD improved vision at night

Improve Vision at Night

NightGuide HD Driving Glasses has micro-infused polarized lenses infused with an anti-reflective coating. It reduces harsh lights and prevents intense reflections on surfaces. Also improves vision by increasing contrast and definition.
NightGuide HD eye protection

Eye Protection

A dark tint on the lenses does not provide adequate protection for your eyes. The polarized lenses also reduce blue light and Ultra Violet radiation to keep your eyes healthier in the long run.
NightGuide HD durable

Durable and Lightweight

Made from high-quality materials, NightGuide HD is durable and lightweight. The lenses are ensured to be resistant to breakage and scratches. The frame is made from lightweight metal alloy for maximum user comfort.

NightGuide HD Specifications

54x48x13 cm
Metal alloy frame
Aviator Design
Yellow lens

NightGuide HD Review


Summary NightGuide HD is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t look outdated. The frame feels sturdy but not too heavy that you can feel it weighing down on your nose. I just wish they offer a different design because I’m not a big fan of the heavy yellow tint. But besides that, NightGuide HD is a good pair of driving glasses. There was a clear improvement on my vision whenever I’m wearing it out on a long drive. There were no migraine episodes nor did I feel the need to squint when other cars with high beams pass by. I think it’s not exclusively for driving either. You can pretty much wear it anytime and everywhere. It works against intense sunlight and claims to fight off UV Radiation. So if you’re light-sensitive or outdoorsy then I recommend gettingNightGuide HD.

Lens Quality
Lens Color

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    what is the material of lenses ,are they glass or plastic

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    please reply is the glass lens plastic or glass


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