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LightSense LED Outdoor Light: Product Reviews and Ratings

LightSense LED Outdoor Light: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 94%Score 94%

LightSense LED Product Description

You do not realize it, but lights are some of the electric gadgets at home that eat up a lot of electricity. Think about it, you use them all the time. Some lights even stay all day and all night that they ought to cost you quite a lot of money. But they do make life a lot easier. They light up everything in their path and let you see things at night. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a smart lighting device that could just turn on whenever you need it? Lucky for you, there is a new product that would answer this very problem. 

The LightSense LED Outdoor Light is a smart light that turns on just when you need it. This smart light is equipped with an Intelligent Motion-Sensing that turns on the light whenever there is movement within the vision of the sensors. What’s great about this smart light is that it has a built-in solar panel that collects solar energy and converts it to electrical energy. This feature saves you a lot on your electricity bill. The LightSense LED Outdoor Light is really helpful in situations such as helping you see at night or even scare unwanted visitors that cause trouble at night.

LightSense LED Pros & Cons



Automatic activation whenever motion is sensed.


It can sense cars and people.


Equipped with a built-in solar panel that lets you save a ton on your electricity bill.


It can help you see things at night such as walkways or helps you startle burglars.


It only takes minutes to install.



The LightSense LED Outdoor light has a limited reach to its motion sensor. It cannot sense motion from very far distances.

LightSense LED Features

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The LightSense LED Outdoor light features an automatic activation via the intelligent motion sensors built into it. Once it senses motion such as a car or a person approaching, it automatically turns on.

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This smart light has a built-in solar panel that powers it up. The panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. This way you do not use any electricity at all with this device.

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The creators of LightSense LED Outdoor light have made it very durable and waterproof so that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

LightSense LED Specifications


20 Array Motion Detection


12 Hours of Illumination


3-Meter Radius Sensing

Shopper Reviews

I find it really funny when my neighbors walk past my house and get startled when my lights would go on. LightSense really helps me when I get home at night.

Jeffrey Goodman

  LightSense is really a great lighting device because it saves you money. I bought a lot of these and replaced the outdoor lights I have at home. After a month of using these, I really did save some dollars on my monthly bill.

Laura Dawson

It is a home security system that you would have never imagined! We live in a sketchy area in town. At night these lights go on and I would be notified whenever there is someone on our driveway. Jut so helpful!

Keisha Palmer

 I run a late shift at work and I usually get home really late. It is so dark in our house so the LightSense really helps a lot. It illuminates my whole garage I love it!

Dan Woods

 It is so bright! You’d think that this product would use a lot of electricity because it is so bright, but it doesn’t! The motion sensor also works perfectly great. I definitely recommend this product. Get one now!

Clara Dominique



Summary Having an automatic light that turns on by itself is a great installation to your home and LightSense LED Outdoor light is the perfect smart light for you. Installing motion sensing light seem expensive but you will actually save money with this one. LightSense LED is a smart light equipped with intelligent motion sensors capable of detecting motion within a 3-meter radius. 3 meters is a perfect reach for a smart light because it is not too near or too far. The sensors are capable of detecting motion such as cars driving in or detecting people walking by. This can really help you when you enter the garage at night or even scare unwanted visitors that can cause trouble. LightSense LED will really save you a lot of money because not only is it an affordable product, but it also saves you on your electricity bill. The solar panel on this smart light powers it up. No electricity needed. What’s also great about this product is that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is waterproof so you do not have to worry about them during rainy or snow season. LightSense LED Outdoor Light is the best smart light that you could go for. It is durable, practical, and reliable.


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