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Hyperzoom HD Zoom Lens: Product Reviews and Ratings

Hyperzoom HD Zoom Lens: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 92%Score 92%

Hyperzoom HD Product Description

Never miss an opportunity again with Hyperzoom HD. It’s a magnifying zoom lens that’s easy to install and bring wherever you. You won’t need to rely on your smartphone’s zoom to take subjects from afar. Easily cover great distances and take high-definition photos with Hyperzoom HD.

You don’t need “professional” equipment to capture still shots of special moments. You have the power to do that right in your pocket, with your smartphone camera. Not only are they quickly catching up to the quality of SLR cameras, they are also less expensive and easier to use. What they lack however is lens options as smartphone cameras have built-in lenses. They are not interchangeable and whatever zoom feature it has, that’s it. It’s not a problem if your subject is in close proximity. But it is a problem when you’re in a concert and far from the stage or if you’re in the upper seats at a field game. This is when Hyperzoom HD could be of great help.

Hyperzoom HD Pros & Cons



Allows any smartphone or tablet to take photos meters away


Doesn’t need a power source or drain phone battery


Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Zenphone, and Oppo units


No need to download an app


More affordable and convenient than an SLR camera



There are black frames around the photo if not secured over properly because the lens tip is quite small


Delivery took longer than I expected


Feels lightweight and easy to break


Hyperzoom HD monocular lens

Monocular Lens

An 8×18 zoom lens made from aspheric lens, lightweight metal, and rubber. The Hyperzoom HD lens is a mini version of an SLR long range zoom lens. Powerful enough to take clear photos even from a distance of 50 meters.

Hyperzoom HD smartphone body lens

Smartphone Body Clip

A body clip for smartphones that are 3 to 4.5 inches wide. It’s equipped with a rotating lens handle to match every camera position.

Hyperzoom HD mini tripod

Mini Tripod

A smartphone tripod with legs that can extend up to 4 inches. It has a movable head that can rotate to 360 degrees and moved from side to side. Place the body clip on top of the head of the tripod for long distance steady shots.

Hyperzoom HD Specifications


Made from genuine glass, hard plastic, lightweight metal, and rubber


3 inches in length and 1.1 inches wide


Has a clear reach of 50 meters


No power source or app downloads required

Hyperzoom HD Review


Summary If you’re on a tight budget but want to practice photography more, then Hyperzoom HD is a great choice. It works similar to an SLR zoom lens which allows you to go beyond the reach of your smartphone camera. Helps produce clear and high-definition photos even when you’re meters away from your subject. Note however that the final quality of the photo will still depend on the specs of your camera. Hyperzoom HD is a magnification lens that extends zoom features but cannot provide further correction.

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  1. Nica

    Does anyone know if the mini tripod is included or do I have to get it separately? TIA.


      Hi Nica! Yes, they include the mini tripod so you get the zoom lens, the lens holder, and the mini tripod in the package.

  2. Calum M

    Thanks for posting this I liked checking this out. cheers – Calum Maxin


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