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HDZoom360 Zoom Lens: Product Reviews and Ratings

HDZoom360 Zoom Lens: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 90%Score 90%

HDZoom360 Product Description

HDZoom360 is a mini zoom lens set for phones complete with a universal holder and tripod. It upgrades any phone camera and extends its reach by up to 50 meters. It’s compact and durable with extreme telescopic abilities. Performs similar to professional equipment but is less expensive and more portable.

You won’t have to buy a new one for a new phone unit either. HDZoom360 is compatible with various phones regardless if they are using an iOS or Samsung system. It does not require any special app downloads or batteries. You can just place it over your camera and instantly see the results.

Another thing it does not require is file transfers. Unlike when using an SLR where you have to transfer your files to a computer before being able to edit and post it. With HDZoom360, you can capture well-defined photos from afar and upload it within seconds.

HDZoom360 Pros & Cons



Takes clear photos


The depth of field can be manually adjusted using the HDZoom360 lens


Fits over lots of smartphones so you don’t have to buy a new set for a new phone



The feet of the tripod is not rubberized and easily slides on the surface which prevents it from being stable


The universal holder only supports smartphones that are less than 9cm wide


Even if the screw at the back of the universal holder is twisted to the max, the lens hand is still moving

HDZoom360 Features

Zoom Lens

HDZoom360 is made from grade optical lens specially designed to reduce lens glare. The 8×18 telescopic lens can cover a distance of up to 50 meters without causing distortion in the photo. It’s even equipped with a rotating rubber ring at the tip for manually adjusting depth of field.

Universal Phone Holder

Automatically comes with a universal phone holder with a movable lens holder. It can twist a full 360 degrees and modified to reach any camera placement. The holder itself can fit over phones that are less than 9 cm wide.

Phone Tripod

Another great tool made portable. The phone tripod stands at 15cm but can be adjusted to a total height of 21cm. And with a top that can be rotated to 360 degrees and moved to the sides, you can easily switch from portrait to landscape mode.

HDZoom360 Specifications


Plastic body and rubber shell


1.5 cm at the eyepieces and less than 2 cm at the objective lens


Optical glass lens


Viewing angle at 9 degrees

HDZoom360 Zoom Lens Review


Summary HDZoom360 is a miniaturized SLR long range which is a great addition to your arsenal of smartphone photography upgrades. Helps you maximize your smartphone camera’s potential. It allows you to exceed the limits of your zoom feature with its amazing 8 to 18x magnifying power. HDZoom360 is the perfect tool for wildlife aficionados, concert enthusiasts, and those into landscape photography.

Zoom Range
Phone Compatibility
Materials Used

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