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Vital Reds: Product Reviews and Ratings

Vital Reds: Product Reviews and Ratings

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As we age, our bodies start to break down. Our energy drops, our metabolic rate decreases and we become more vulnerable to health problems. That includes excessive weight gain, joint pains, high cholesterol, low sex and lower mental focus. Dr Gundry, a renowned cardiologist and medical researcher, developed Vital Reds to combat these aging troubles to keep the body in top shape for longer. Vital Reds is a powdered supplement made from organic ingredients, 100% safe and natural. It contains 34 fruit extracts that have high concentrations of Polyphenol as well as powerful probiotics required by the stomach. Free from sugar, soy, lentin and artificial sweeteners. A powerful supplement that revitalizes the body’s natural energy production, encourages weight loss, improves nutrient absorption and promotes healthy digestion. Clinically tested and backed by scientific research. Vital Reds yields incredible results without the bad side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs. Users report weight loss and energy boosts within weeks.

Vital Reds Pros & Cons


Helpful in losing weight
Prevents fatigue and low energy levels
Good for balancing cholesterol
Fights against health problems


A bottle is only good for 30 days
Delivery took longer than expected

Vital Reds Features

Weight Loss

Good for weight management and boosting the metabolic rate. It contains 5 strains of active probiotics which helps to effectively break down food and absorb nutrients. Also reduces gas, bloating, diarrhea and other digestive disorders. The Polyphenol further fuels the probiotics for a healthier stomach and better weight loss results.

Increases Energy Levels

Vital Reds supports the body’s natural ability to convert food into energy instead of turning them into stored fat. It reduces sluggishness, chronic fatigue and low energy. Also promotes long lasting energy and improves sex drive.

Quick and Easy Installment

Increases stamina, improves muscle function and overall health. It drives the immune system in full gear to fight numerous health problems such as joint pains, digestive disorders, diabetes and even heart diseases. Prevents artery blockage and supports blood circulation.

Vital Reds Specifications

3.5g or 30 servings per bottle
Contains organic fruit extracts such as strawberry, blue currant, mulberry and pomegranate
Manufactured in the USA

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