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Optics Pocket: Product Reviews and Ratings

Optics Pocket: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 89%Score 89%

Optics Pockets Product Description

What is Optics Pockets?

Nowadays, we are more exposed to electronic screens than any other object. Part of the reason for losing clear vision. Another possible cause is that as we grow older our vision will slowly start to deteriorate. Beginning in the early-mid-40s, a period when changes in our vision will occur. It might get hard to read any kind of printed material like the newspaper and this is because the lens inside the eye becomes less flexible over time. This makes it harder to focus on things up close, a condition that is known as presbyopia. While not everyone will experience the same problem. It is something that everyone will have to go through. That’s why optometrists recommend reading glasses to solve this kind of vision problems.  

Though reading glasses prove to be quite helpful, in some cases if it’s not used on a regular basis it tends to get lost or forgotten in the blur of things. If you find that frustrating, then Optics Pockets will be the right fit for you.

Optics Pockets is a pair of specialized reading glasses right on the go. Its lens is made from tough but lightweight polycarbonate which makes it shatterproof. The main frame is built from titanium alloy and has non-slip comfortable nose pads. Don’t let the size fool you because Optics Pockets is flexible and durable to wear every day. It also comes in with the Pod an accompanying Phone case which doubles as your eyewear case. Making it easier for you to slip it in and take it everywhere you go.   

Optics Pockets Pros & Cons


Optics Pockets represents the next level for reading glasses. Its lightweight yet very durable and comes with a case, convenient for taking it everywhere you go. It’s easy to slip in, utilizing the flexibility of the frame and nose pads. It fits into any nose shape and ideal for those who want to keep their reading glasses from getting lost.


Overextending the mainframe might cause it to break due to its size but other than that, it is very durable for everyday use.

Optics Pockets Features

SkyLink Antenna modified digital antenna


he lens of Optics Pockets is made up of high-quality polycarbonate which is shatterproof and scratch-proof. It sits comfortably on your nose giving you clearer vision.
SkyLink Antenna high definition resolution


The main frame of Optics Pockets is designed to be foldable and easy to slip in. Made up of ultra-flexible titanium alloy (nitinol) bridge and it fits with any nose shape.
SkyLink Antenna unlimited access to free channels


Another benefit of Optics Pockets is that you can carry it with a special Phone case fitted with a pouch to store them. It’s convenient and easy to remember. Ideal for on the go.

Optics Pockets Specifications

Titanium alloy frame
Polycarbonate lenses
Independent-suspension nose pads
Phone Case
Color: black

Optics Pockets Shopper Reviews

This is something I haven’t seen before and I was not going to buy it. But when I read the review that it makes it easy to find because of the case it comes with then I thought I might need something like this. Nancy Hendrick

I keep losing track of where I put my reading glasses since I only use it occasionally. But when I do use it, I couldn’t find it. I felt like I needed one in my car, in my bedroom, and in our living room to keep track of it. But with Optic Pockets, I always know that it’s with my phone. Very convenient! Kieth Sanders

Very convenient! I would have never thought that you could wear glasses without any temples. It is something new and yet it works. It sits right on my nose and doesn’t slip off. Arielle Lim

I doubted that this would work for me when I got it as a gift from my grandson. Seeing how it looked cool and all, but I am amazed that it works. Even though I still have my reading glasses with me I take this one when I am out of the house. Gigi

Optic Pockets is durable and lightweight. The simple design makes it easy for you to carry around. The frame is flexible, and with the case, it fits right in my pocket. Lianne Brown



Summary Optics Pockets saved the day! I have been looking for reading glasses for a while now and I finally discovered Optics Pockets through a friend who recommended it. And I was surprised by how small it looked, it didn’t even have conventional temples on them. They look like an accessory, but it works!
When you order you get 3 options based on your prescription and I got the 2.50 specs. It’s easy to slip in and makes it easier for me to read the daily newspaper. I like that it comes with a personalized phone case of its own, so I know where it always is.
Figuring out how to put it in the bridge of your nose takes a bit of adjustment but other than that it works just fine. I’ve been using it every day and it makes my vision much clearer. I wondered how my friend got this new pair of glasses and she said I can order it online.
Optics Pockets has been helpful to me since my eyes are having difficulties in seeing small characters while reading the newspaper or even my prescription meds. I use it only when I am reading something, and I always put them back in the case. Having them in my back pocket with my phone reassures me that I can use it wherever and whenever I want. Very convenient!


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