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NatureSpa Shower Head: Product Reviews and Ratings

NatureSpa Shower Head: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

Nature Spa Shower Head Product Description

What is NatureSpa and why should every household have one?

Showing is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to cleanses your entire body. Water coming out of a shower head can reach every part of your body. But did you know that showering can also harm your hair and skin? Yes, that’s true.

Water coming out of a regular shower head is considered hard water. Hard water contains chlorine and other harmful chemicals which can cause serious medical issues to your hair and skin. Acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis are among the top skin issues that have been linked to showering with hard water. Luckily, we have engineered with a quick and affordable solution to this problem.

NatureSpa, a shower head capable of ridding your water with chlorine and other harmful chemicals. NatureSpa filters the water coming out of the shower so it goes back to its natural and pure state. It also brings your water back to a healthy pH level that is suitable for your skin and hair. It also makes you use less water without reducing the water pressure. Reducing water consumption means you also save money on your monthly water bill. It is good for your skin and your wallet!

NatureSpa Pros & Cons


quick and easy way of cleaning the water when you take a shower
rids water from chlorine and other harmful chemicals which may cause skin diseases
saves you money by reducing water consumption without reducing the water pressure
compatible with all shower types


ideal use is only as a shower head and is not advised to be used on faucets or hoses
package includes the shower head only, no additional pipes or tubes available

NatureSpa Features

Euphoric Feet Insoles natural pain relief

Water Filtration

NatureSpa filters water by removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals. This process leaves your skin smooth and clean after every shower. Skin diseases are sure to be prevented through this.
Euphoric Feet Insoles improve blood flow

Water Consumption Reduction

NatureSpa is equipped with a technology that makes you use less water without reducing the water pressure. It saves you money on your monthly water bill.
Euphoric Feet Insoles healthier mind and body

Multiple Shower Options

Choose among 3 shower settings that feature different cleaning and comforting power. Shower setting can be changed from rain, massage, and combined setting. Find the perfect one that suits your style.

NatureSpa Specifications

Color: Silver
3 shower settings
compatible with all shower types

NatureSpa Shopper Reviews

I have acne on my back for the longest time. I bought the NatureSpa shower head a month ago and I have been loving it. I could see drastic changes with only 2 weeks of using it. Rachelle Aarons

NatureSpa really works! It is a neat shower head. My hair has never looked this bouncy and alive. My skin also looks and feels healthier. I really love it! Dennis

100% recommend this product. It really does change your showering experience. You can see and feel your skin become less dry when you shower with clean water. It made me feel healthier. Kara Zarnecki

At first I was skeptical about buying this because I did not feel that it was necessary. But to my surprise, I could see very big differences from my skin. Now my skin feels more glowing and much smoother. 10/10 would be pleased. Daina Jameson

I think everyone should buy this shower head ASAP. Chlorine is really harmful to your skin. By filtering your water, you can prevent having skin diseases. I could also see a big difference from my water bill from before and after installing the shower head. It is just amazing! Anna Saldivar



Summary NatureSpa is an easy and affordable way of filtering water coming out of your shower. It has 3 main features: water filtration, water consumption reduction, and multiple shower options. The water filtration feature filters your water and rids it of chlorine and other harmful chemicals which may cause skin issues like acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Water consumption reduction makes you use less water without reducing the pressure of the water. Hence, saving you money on your monthly water bill. Multiple shower options give you 3 different spray settings to suit your liking. You can see amazing results by observing your skin and hair after continues use. Overall it is a great product that is good for your health and good for your wallet. When you order a NatureSpa shower head, the package includes the shower head that can be easily installed to any shower type. NatureSpa is also incredibly easy to set up. Simply replace your existing shower head with the NatureSpa shower head and you are good to go. No need to install other devices to your pipes or bathroom. It is as easy that. Have a new and a healthier showering experience with NatureSpa.


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