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MindInsole Shoe Inserts: Product Reviews and Ratings

MindInsole Shoe Inserts: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

MindInsole Shoe Inserts Product Description

What is MindInsole Shoe Inserts?

Any type of body pain can be an indication of an underlying health problem or serious muscle damage. So, while it may just be an annoyance at the start, don’t brush it off. The pain could worsen overtime and make walking a burden, further discouraging you from pursuing a healthier lifestyle and doing what you love.

Don’t let the pain win. Treat your feet with ancient reflexology and acupuncture practices by wearing MindInsole Shoe Inserts. It is all natural and without the need for scary needles. It is a flexible shoe insert that is made of flexible silicone material, cooling magnets, and massage nodes that come in varying sizes. It is created for relieving soreness, cramps, and all types of pain and boosting the body’s circulation system. It even improves overall posture.

MindInsole Shoe Inserts is great for treating foot ailments and providing you with natural relief while walking. You can wear it every day, during a normal stroll, heavy exercise, trekking, and during a variety of physical activities.

MindInsole Shoe Inserts Pros & Cons


Flexible material
Quick dry and easy to clean
Fits all sizes


The bottom of the shoe insert doesn’t stick to the shoes

MindInsole Shoe Inserts Features

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MindInsole is created with massage nodes developed after reflexology and acupuncture practices. Every time you step, the shoe insert presses against specific parts of the foot to relieve pain, prevent cramps, and ease tension all over the body.
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The massage nodes also work in boosting blood circulation. It helps the blood climb back up in your body. Prevents it from pooling in your feet, reduces inflammation, and fights other symptoms caused by poor blood circulation.
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It effectively reduces pain and makes walking more comfortable to encourage you to stand and walk properly. So besides giving you natural pain relief, MindInsole can even help correct your posture.

MindInsole Shoe Inserts Specifications

Weighs 4.7 ounces
31 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm
Flexible silicone



Summary MindInsole Shoe Inserts is recommended for fighting foot related issues whether it be chronic pain, cramps, or symptoms of poor blood circulation. It’s made from high-quality silicone that feels very durable but still flexible enough that it’s comfortable to wear. MindInsole Shoe Inserts is also reusable and totally customizable. You can trim it down to your size. There’s a guide along the edge of the shoe insert you can follow and it fits most types of shoes. However, it may not work well for heels or sandals because the bottom doesn’t have any adhesive. It may slip off. You try using an adhesive tape or gum, but it may damage your shoes. On the plus side, each pair of MindInsole Shoe Inserts is very easy to clean. You can quickly wipe it with a damp towel and let it air dry. Or for a more thorough cleaning, use warm water and a gentle cleansing soap. Refrain from using cold or hot water to keep the material flexible. It’s also advisable that you get at least 2 or 3 pairs, so you can wear them on alternating days and keep them in great shape for longer. Constant use can cause the material to deteriorate quickly. Reusing unclean shoe inserts may cause fungal build up and athlete’s foot.

Product Quality

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