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GermFix UV Sanitizer: Product Reviews and Ratings

GermFix UV Sanitizer: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

GermFix Product Description

Protect yourself and your family against germs, bacteria, and potential diseases with GermFix UV Sanitizer.

Are you mindful about the things you touch? In a day, we touch about a number of objects and surfaces, and have them in contact with our skin. We also touch our eyes, our nose, our mouths, and a whole other bunch of areas in our body. This can cause the spread of diseases.

Objects and surfaces contain hundreds to thousands of germs, bacteria, fungus, amoebas, and live microscopic creatures that can lurk its way through our bodies if we get in contact with them.

Now there is a way for you to check the things you touch with the new GermFix UV Sanitizer. It is a sanitizing device that uses ultra violet rays to kill germs, bacteria, and other diseases causing organisms. GermFix UV Sanitizer is a travel size device that can reveal the germs that are present in a surface with its ultra violet light.

As you scan an object or surface with it, it reveals and instantly kills all diseases causing germs and bacteria. Would you believe that is device can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in one swipe! GermFix is the best sanitation device out there in the market. Get one now and keep yourself disease-free.

GermFix Pros & Cons


GermFix kills all germs, bacteria, fungus, live microscopic organisms, and viruses in one swipe.
GermFix is a small and compact device that can be carried anywhere you go so you can sanitize everything you see throughout the day.
It is not a consumable product unlike hand sanitizers or alcogels that run out.


You cannot sanitize large surface areas due to its size. If you wish to sanitize such objects and surfaces, it might take you a while.

GermFix Features

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Ultra Violet Sanitation

GermFix UV Sanitizer uses ultraviolet germicidal radiation which is a disinfection method using UV-C light to kill germs and other microorganisms. This is done by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.
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Small and Compact

GermFix UV Sanitizer is a small and compact device. Perfect for travelling. You can carry it anywhere you go so you can be sure to sanitize every object and surface that you touch.
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99.9% Germ Free

GermFix UV Sanitizer is made from high-tech equipment and its inventors made sure that you get the best from it. You can expect it to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and other disease causing microorganisms.

GermFix Specifications

UV Ready
Battery Operated
Color: White

GermFix Shopper Reviews

I love it! GermFix made me realize that I touch a lot of dirty stuff on a daily basis. I used to not mind what things I touch but now, I am more careful than ever. Karla Peterson

This helped us a lot in the office. We have a fingerprint scanner on our door and all employees touch it before entering. We don’t know what each person has contacted so we scan it using the GermFix regularly. Mark Bernardo

I bought one of these and did not believe it would work. But it really does work! I am satisfied and I bring it everywhere I go. Buy one now! Sean McCrary

It’s a handy tool. Perfect for people with OCD. If you are a neat freak you should buy one too. Small device, you can carry it around. I like using it and it makes me feel secure. Lesley Tobin

I am a doctor and I really appreciate the makers of this product. People don’t realize how important sanitation is and now, this cool product can change their minds. Disease can easily spread and this device can prevent it. Jessie



Summary The new GermFix UV Sanitizer is the most promising ultraviolet sanitation device on the market. It is a germ-killing device that uses ultraviolet light to kill or deactivate the nucleic acids found in germs, bacteria, fungus, amoeba, viruses, and even live toxic microorganisms. By killing the nucleic acids, the DNA of these microorganisms are disrupted which leaves them incapable of performing their vital cellular functions.
This device is very important nowadays due to the number of people getting sick each day. By touching a lot of objects and surfaces throughout the day, people do not know that they contacted hundreds to thousands of disease-causing germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
With GermFix, you can sanitize every object and surface you touch with a single swipe. To use it, simply place it above the object or surface before touching it and it instantly emits UV light which kills 99.9% of germs in that area.
GermFix is light and compact, perfect for travel use. You could carry it on your pocket and fits perfectly to your bag. It is a practical choice of sanitation rather than spending on consumable products such as hand sanitizers or alcogels that run out. GermFix is a must have product and it can save you from contacting a lot of diseases.


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