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BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Sachet: Product Reviews and Ratings

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Sachet: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Product Description

No matter how much you clean your home there are still a lot of things that can invade it without you even noticing. There is always the risk of dust mites that can grow in thousands if they are not dealt with. They live in every corner of your home alongside dust particles. And most commonly thrive in bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture and fabrics that are not regularly washed like carpets and curtains.

They are not the type of insects that attack but the waste they live behind is seen as a major cause of severe allergic reactions, skin irritations, asthma and difficulty in breathing. There are thousands of them living right under our noses and their microscopic scale makes them impossible to eliminate. On the other hand, you can minimize their numbers and lessen their threat. You can achieve this by taking precautions and using a useful product like the BreatheGreen Mite Fighter.

The BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is a product that can be used to eliminate the threat of dust mites in your home. Its blend of natural ingredients is a safe and natural solution can take care of dust mite problems. You can place them in many problematic areas and can effectively last up to 60 days. You don’t have to worry about dust mites any longer because the BreatheGreen Mite Fighter will keep your home cleaner and dust mite free.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Pros & Cons



BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is an eco-friendly and natural solution to the threat of dust mites. They are very effective and easy to use. The sachets are hypoallergenic and are designed for long-lasting effectiveness. Placing them in problematic areas will prevent the growth of more dust mites which will lessen their threat.



 You need to buy multiple sachets to get the best solution.  The number of sachets can add up depending on your dust mite problem and you may need to replace them after a few months.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Features

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Eco-friendly and Safe

 BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is made up of natural ingredients such as citronella oil, lemon eucalyptus essence, and a mix of herbal extracts. They are safe to use around your home.  do not include any harmful chemicals.

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Easy to Use

  If you have a problem with maintaining the dust mites off your home, then a BreatheGreen Mite Fighter could be the solution of you. It’s a product that prevents dust mites in any areas you place it too.

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Effective Solution

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter is a safe and natural solution to get rid of dust mites, It such an easy product to use and you will have an easier time keeping your home fresh and clean.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Specifications



Main Ingredients: Citronella Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Essence, Mixed Herbal Extracts. No Chemicals.



Maximum Effectiveness last for 60 Days



The sachet is made from polyester. Package includes 2 sachets.

BreatheGreen Mite Fighter Shopper Reviews

After my children got diagnosed with a dust allergy. I immediately searched for dust mite solutions, and this came up. I bought a packet to try it out and I am glad to say that it works.

Jenny Allen

This product is nice. I’ve had problems with dust mite allergy since I was young. I got this recommended to me by my aunt and I’ve been using it ever since.

Luke Hardy

As long as it prevents more dust mites from living with me. Then I am 100% sold. I don’t like having to deal with sneezing continuously out of the blue because it gives me a headache.


I live in a dry area and it’s unavoidable that a lot of dust makes its way to our home. After cleaning I always make sure to tuck this in our mattress and other furniture to prevent any more dust mites triggering my family.

Diana Bright

If you want more prevention from dust mite allergy, then this is the right product to have. I am not used to writing reviews, but I just had to say that this product was very helpful to me.




Summary I’ve had the biggest problem with dust mites after I moved into a new apartment. It has gotten me a long time before I settled in and even after I cleaned up most of the dust and clutter. I still couldn’t help but sneeze and have multiple allergic reactions. I didn’t know what was the cause at first but when I consulted with my doctor. He saw that my symptoms were brought by a large number of dust mites that is in my surroundings. That means I have to clean up more thoroughly. I had another major cleanup that lasted for three days. It was one of the first steps I had to do to keep dust mites out of my life. But I knew I also had to take in more precautions because my friend told me that dust mites are impossible to get rid off and aside from cleaning everything I should take into consideration other solutions. Then I searched online and found out about this product. The BreatheGreen Mite Fighter says that I could solve my dust mite problem and I ordered 2 packs to try them. I did this review after a month of using them. And my takeaway is it works. Aside from cleaning I use the sachets to keep the dust mites from pestering me again.


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