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Aktiv Watch SmartWatch: Product Reviews and Ratings

Aktiv Watch SmartWatch: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 93%Score 93%

Aktiv Watch Product Description

Do you hate having to go to the hospital for a routine medical check-up? Have trouble staying on track of your daily steps? Or do you have trouble sleeping and want to work on improving it? If so, then get active with Aktiv SmartWatch.

It’s a smartwatch that tells the time and comes with a lot of other amazing features. Fitted with an ultrasonic OLED display and sensitive health sensors. Aktiv SmartWatch can track your overall physical performance and give you an accurate reading of your vital signs throughout the day. A convenient feature that can help you save more money and time compared to a hospital visit.

Developed by world-leading technicians and made from durable materials, Aktiv SmartWatch is highly resistant against extreme weather conditions and water damage. This allows users to perform strenuous activities that work up a sweat without having to worry about causing damage to the smartwatch.
It’s suitable for all types of workouts and can perform a variety of tasks. Track your daily steps, distance covered, and calories lost. Aktiv can even monitor your sleep stages and rate the quality which is beneficial for those who are treating sleep disorders. Overall, a great investment to achieve a more active, healthier, and longer life.

Aktiv Watch Pros & Cons


Equipped with a variety of features that enables you to monitor your health.
Long lasting battery life
Compatible with multiple devices (iOs and Android operating systems)
Interchangeable wristbandVery comfortable to wear to bed and to the gym


The wristband only comes in a single size

Aktiv Watch Features

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad effective pain relief


A stylish wrist watch that doubles as a fitness activity tracker. Aktiv Watch provides a detailed reading of your exercise routine or daily physical performance. It notes how many steps you take in a day, what time you’re more active, the distance you’ve traveled, and estimates the number of calories you’ve lost (based on the weight you input). The system also allows you to receive notifications and alerts you to get moving.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad easy to use


Besides tracking your daily movement, another great feature about Aktiv Watch is that it also tracks your sleep stages and rates them (awake, light, medium, and deep). This makes use of the same sensor as the daily step counter. However, you can customize the smart watch’s sensitivity and even schedule modes to prevent it from unnecessarily counting every single movement.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad speeds up recovery


Check your vital signs and exercise with a peace of mind with Aktiv Watch. It’s built with light sensors which monitor oxygen saturation and provides a general assessment of your respiratory function. This smart watch is also able to measure your pulse rate and blood pressure. Much more reliable than the finger-on-neck method.

Aktiv Watch Specifications

Estimated Battery Life: 100+ Days
System Compatibility: iOs and Android
Wristband Color: Black/White



Summary Aktiv Watch is not only good for keeping time. It’s a revolutionary smartwatch packed with the latest features that encourage you to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. Capable of keeping track of your movements throughout the day, monitoring your vital signs, as well as the duration and rating the quality of your sleep. A perfect companion for health-conscious individuals and gym rats alike.
It’s also compatible with multiple iOs and Android devices. Extremely easy to operate and made to be long-lasting. You can charge it in an hour and it can last for more than a month of active use. No need to constantly hunt for a charging outlet. You can wear Aktiv Watch for long periods of time from going to bed, hitting the gym, or going for a run. It can track your health wherever you go.

Battery Life

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