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Video DoorBell: Product Reviews and Ratings

Video DoorBell: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 94%Score 94%

Video DoorBell: Product Description

Having surveillance cameras installed at your home is one of the best ways to monitor everything that is happening within the premises of your house. CCTV Cameras are really helpful with keeping an eye on your children, observing suspicious people that are passing by, and just about any other circumstances that might happen when you are not around. Yes, they are a great invention, but for so long now the only thing that they can offer us is the actual footage and nothing more. Well, just when you thought that the traditional CCTV Camera cannot be improved, you thought wrong.

Introducing the new Video DoorBell, a home surveillance device that lets you monitor your doorstep and interact with people, wirelessly! Yes, that is right. Video DoorBell is a high technology doorbell that lets you see incoming house visitors and let you talk with them real-time. Once you have connected the Video DoorBell to your smartphone, you can see what happens in front of your doorstep, talk to people, and receive short video messages from visitors even when you are not at home. 

Video DoorBell has changed the game when it comes to surveillance cameras. It is very reliable, you are sure to have a great experience with welcoming house guests and keeping your homes secure.

Video DoorBell Pros & Cons



The Video DoorBell is a high technology doorbell that works like a surveillance camera at the same time as a wireless communication device that works via smartphone. With Video DoorBell, you can familiarize yourselves with anyone who steps foot on your doorstep and talks to them, even when you are not at home.



You need to have a smartphone to experience all the features the Video DoorBell offers. It does not come with a phone.

Video DoorBell Features

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High Definition Camera

The Video DoorBell is equipped with a 720p High Definition camera that gives you crisp and clear videos. With this, you can identify anyone who steps foot on your doorstep.

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Wireless Connection

You can connect your smartphone to the Video DoorBell via WiFi. It works with Android and iOS. Once connected, you can now monitor your home and talk to any house visitors.

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Low-Power Consumption

The Video Doorbell surprisingly uses ultra-low power so you do not have to charge it every time. It can last from 8-12 months with regular daily usage.

Video DoorBell Specifications


Camera Resolution: HD 720P


Battery Operated: Yes


OS Compatibility: iOS and Android

Shopper Reviews

Video DoorBell is one of those electronic gadgets in my house that I am happy I have. It is just fun to have it around especially when I have guests come into my house. They are all amused and love playing with it. It makes me feel like I have a futuristic home!

Kevin Cassidy

I ordered the Video DoorBell a few days ago and it came right on time. It was well packaged and there were no issues with the delivery. Installation was very easy and the instructions were comprehensible.

Nick O'Malley

 I just absolutely love this device! It makes me feel secure knowing that I can check in on my front door whenever I want. I suggest you buy this now!

Sasha Black

This high-tech doorbell is really great. I have been using it for over a month now and boy am I surprised. I haven’t charged it once and it is still kicking. Wonder how long it goes before needing a battery change

Mike Simmons

What I like about this doorbell is that I can talk to people with it. I am an addict when it comes to online shopping and this Video DoorBell has become a lifesaver many times. When I am at work, I can talk to delivery men about the parcels that come in.

Lani Gonzales



Summary The Video DoorBell is not like any other surveillance camera that we are used to. Traditional surveillance cameras just give us footage, nothing more. Most of these cameras do not even support audio recording which sucks. Video DoorBell has clearly changed the game in this category. Not only does it give you real-time footage, but it also lets you speak an interact with the house visitors that steps right in your doorstep! The Video DoorBell looks like a high-tech doorbell. It looks stylish, chic, and compact that can fit any house aesthetic. To enjoy all of the features that Video DoorBell offers, you have to connect it to your smartphone. It is compatible with Android and iOS so you don’t have to worry about that. Once it is connected to your phone, you can see anyone who is at your front door. Friends, family, delivery man, and just about any house guests that you can think of. It also works great for monitoring your homes. What’s great about Video DoorBell is that it lets you talk and interact with other people as well. Even if you are not at home you can still enjoy this feature which is just absolutely amazing!


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