TVSurf Antenna Product Description

There is an average of a hundred channels available over the air which cable providers don’t want you to know about. Why? Because they are broadcasted for free and don’t require cable subscriptions. You can access them all with TVSurf Antenna.

TVSurf is an enhanced indoor antenna equipped with a flat digital receiver. It’s optimized to pick up signals from every direction and covers a distance of 30 miles. Provides consistent reception and is not as prone to loss of signals compared to cable TV.

To install, plug TVSurf Antenna to your screen and scan for available channels. If you encounter any problems with the signal reception or number of channels, simply perform another channel scan or change up your antenna placement. It’s easy to set up and even easier to repair.

TVSurf Antenna also supports crisp clear resolution in full High-Definition. No extra charges. No overpriced monthly subscriptions. No more sudden inflation of rates. You only have to pay for TVSurf once to have complete unrestricted access to all the free broadcast channels in your area.

TVSurf Antenna Pros & Cons



Quick and easy installment


Supports HD broadcasts


Multi-directional receiver


Captures VHF and UHF signals



No extra adhesive included

TVSurf Antenna Features

TVSurf Antenna multidirectional reception

Multidirectional Reception

Unlike older antenna models, you won’t have to manually point TVSurf at the direction of network towers. It’s built with a multidirectional receiver which enables it to pick up signals from wherever. TVSurf Antenna can also cover more than 30 miles.

TVSurf Antenna dual band reception

Dual Band Reception

TVSurf Antenna is powered with a dual band reception and a 20dB gain. It can capture signals in VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) so you won’t miss out on any available broadcast channels.

TVSurf Antenna two step installment

Two-Step Installment

Uncomplicated and requires minimal assembly. You just have to plug TVSurf to a TV screen and scan for available channels. You can also use it to convert computer monitors into TV sets. No more monthly updates or other hardware needed.

TVSurf Antenna Specifications


Flat digital receiver with a 4.5″ x 3.5″ dimension


Comes with a 7 FT coaxial cable


Comes in both black and white