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TVRadius Antenna: Product Reviews and Ratings

TVRadius Antenna: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 87%Score 87%

TVRadius Antenna Product Description

Antennas have come a long way. Gone are the stressful rabbit ears and overcomplicated set ups. Big bulky antennas have been made compact to fit modern households. Flat digital antennas has now become the most popular antennas. In fact, it has become the main form of getting channels for TV nowadays as more people are ending their cable plans. This is not surprising as cable rates are shooting up the roof. Antennas are more affordable but can be equally good in providing channels. One of the best ones online is TVRadius Antenna. It’s an indoor antenna with a flat digital receiver with a wide frequency range and superior reception quality. You can get more than 70% of the channels included in cable plans free from monthly bills. It can even give you access to uncompressed signals. You can watch in full HD for no extra charges. Compatible with digital TVs, HD receivers, and computers.

TVRadius Antenna Pros & Cons


Quick and easy installment
Supports HD broadcasts
Multi-directional receiver
Captures VHF and UHF signals


Range is quite short
Package doesn’t come with instructions

TVRadius Antenna Features

TVRadius Antenna easy installment

Easy Installment Process

Amazingly easy to set up and dismantle. TVRadius Antenna comes complete with a digital receiver and a high-performance cable which you can connect to any screen. Select it as the power source and scan for available channels. You can get access to live TV for free within minutes.
TVRadius Antenna modern digital receiver

Modern Digital Receiver

TVRadius Antenna is a modernized antenna with an ultra-thin and lightweight digital receiver. Powered with a 20dB gain and a wide frequency range. TVRadius Antenna is capable of capturing signals in VHF and UHF from every direction. It has an optimum reach of 30 miles and doesn’t need to be pointed at a specific signal source.
TVRadius Antenna HD channels


Gives you unrestricted access to TV channels free from quality compression. Enjoy full HD entertainment with superior connection and get additional programming without having to pay for monthly subscriptions. Watch local news, cooking shows, movies and more.

TVRadius Antenna Specifications

Flat digital receiver
4.5×3.5 inch in dimension
7 ft antenna cable



Summary TVRadius has a shorter range than other antennas with it only having an optimum reach of 30 miles. You can get an amplifier to boost the range but I think that it’s more than enough. I got 60+ channels. Most re in standard quality broadcast but there are a few in HD. The picture quality was impressive. However, the color varies depending on the screen settings. TVRadius is much more affordable than a cable plan. It also doesn’t require an external power source which is helpful in reducing the power bill too.

Signal Range
Channels Received

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