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TVNowPro Antenna: Product Reviews and Ratings

TVNowPro Antenna: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 89%Score 89%

TVNowPro Antenna Product Description

No one has enough time in a day to watch all the channels packed in their cable plans. And not everyone can afford to keep paying for a service they can’t maximize. You certainly don’t need it to get entertainment either. Major networks and cable providers are legally required to provide broadcast signals for free. No subscriptions or strings attached. They just make it extremely difficult for most antennas to receive the channels by broadcasting them in very low frequencies. Good news is that you can access them and more with TVNowPro Antenna.

TVNowPro Antenna is a modern antenna with a lightweight digital receiver. It picks up signals in very low and very high frequencies. With a multidirectional feature and a reach of 30 miles, you can get as much a s a hundred channels including news, sports, movies, and local radio streams. But the best part about TVNowPro Antenna is that you don’t need to make monthly payments and HD channels won’t cost you extra. It’s a one-time payment that’s powerful, effective, and affordable.

TVNowPro Antenna Pros & Cons



Quick and easy installment


Cheaper than cable TV


Easy to store away


Great number of channels



Includes only on cable


Needs an HD receiver or coaxial adaptor for computer monitors

TVNowPro Antenna Features

TVNowPro Antenna quick and easy installment

Quick and Easy Installment

TVNowPro is complete with a digital receiver and a coaxial cable. No other hardware or updates required. Plug it to any screen from TVs to computer monitors. Select TVNowPro as your source and enjoy a lifetime of free TV channel access.

TVNowPro Antenna multidirectional

Multidirectional Antenna

You won’t have trouble getting channels with TVNowPro. Its digital receiver receives signals from all direction and has a range of 30 miles. Can be further amplified from 40 to 50. Effectively captures signals from 87-230MHz and 470-860MHz.

TVNowPro Antenna high definition channels

High-Definition Channels

Supports full HD broadcasts from 720p to 1080p for digital ready TVs. Sustains strong signal reception and gives you crystal clear resolution every time.

TVNowPro Antenna Specifications


Razor thin digital receiver


7 ft coaxial cable


Dual color (black and white)



Summary TVNOWPRO is an incredibly powerful but cheap solution to getting tv channels. This antenna picks up a great number of channels including HD broadcasts. It doesn’t require a subscription or monthly fees which is financially freeing. You just only pay once to get unlimited use. Suitable for city areas because it can sustain stronger reception and is resistant to weather changes, uneven terrain, and other obstructions. More reliable and easier to manage than cable TV. A bad reception or loss of channels can be quickly solved within minutes. Simply turn off your screen, change the antenna placement, then turn the screen on again. It’s so easy and uncomplicated that you can do it on your own.

Signal Range
Channels Received

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    Do you need WiFi or internet connection.with this product.xx

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    I live in rural Nova Scotia …will this device work here ?


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