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TVFix Antenna: Product Reviews and Ratings

TVFix Antenna: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%


TVFix Antenna Product Description

TVFix Antenna is an indoor antenna which can pick up signals from multiple sources within a 35 mile radius. Designed after military technology and developed to maintain strong signal reception even during bad weather. It’s easy to install too. All you need to do is connect TVFix Antenna to your screen using the inclusive coaxial cable. Turn on your screen to scan for the list of available channels and enjoy endless TV access. And if you’re losing signal reception, reboot the system and rescan for channels.

We’ve grown accustomed to having hundreds of channel options with just a click of the remote. This makes cutting the cable difficult but not impossible. The long list of channels may trick you into thinking you’re getting your money’s worth but think about how much you actually watch TV.

You could be paying thousands of dollars channels you don’t even watch. Worse, you could be paying for channels broadcasted over-the-air for free. And there could be hundreds of them readily accessible. Cut the cable now and go old school with TVFix Antenna.



TVFix Antenna Pros & Cons



Able to get HD signals in 1080p resolution


Works for TV, laptop, and desktop screens


Razor thin design for easy storage


Easy to install



Limited for indoor use because the receiver is too thin


Needs longer cable for better antenna position


Does not include a manual


TVFox Antenna Multi-Directional



No more need to point at a specific direction to get a signal. TVFix Antenna can pick up and maintain a strong connection from multiple directions. 4k ready.


TVFox Antenna Onetime Upgrade

Onetime Upgrade


You don’t have to pay heavy fees monthly. There are no extra charges for installment or repair either. Pay once and you can enjoy limitless free TV.


TVFox Antenna Versatile Antenna

Versatile Antenna


TVFix Antenna picks up High-Frequency and Ultra-High Frequency signals. It also works for all types of screens from TV sets, laptops, to desktops. TVFix Antenna may even work for multiple TV screens by using a splitter.


TVFix Antenna Specifications


4.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide


Includes a 93.6 inch or 7.8 feet coaxial cable


Signal receiver and coaxial cable weighs 8 ounces in total

TVFix Antenna Review


Summary You can completely cut out cable from your bills and not lose your TV privileges. TVFix Antenna is powerful for an indoor antenna with a multi-directional receiver. It can pick up signals as far as 35 miles and get 1080p resolution. The features are very impressive for the price point. Installment process is fairly simple too and will only take 10 minutes at most. Although TVFix Antenna is extremely effective in getting strong signals, be sure to check first the number of broadcast towers and available over-the-air channels near you.

Signal Range
Channels Received

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  1. martin

    how do i set this up?


      Hi Martin! Please see the steps below.

      1. Using the appropriate coax connector provided, connect TVFox Antenna to the back of your TV’s coaxial receiver.
      2. Position TVFox Antenna on the wall, window, behind a picture frame, on a shelf – whereever to get you the best reception. Reception will depend on you geological environment.
      3. Conduct a channel scan on your TV with TVFox Antenna selected as the source.
      4. Enjoy your free TV content.

      • Dan Roberts

        can you get fox news and fox sports west(giants and warriors) Hannity

      • Bob DRYDEN

        how do you do a ” channel Scan” ?

      • garry

        please can you buy this product in Sydney Australia, if so where how much?

  2. Robert Boynton

    does it work in Canada


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