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Spark ProCam: Product Reviews and Ratings

Spark ProCam: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 92%Score 92%

Spark ProCam Product Description

What is Spark ProCam and how is it different from other home security cameras?

There’s something bound to happen at home when you’re not around especially if you don’t live alone. Some uninvited visitors might come by or someone will snoop in your belongings. How do you catch them in the act without them knowing?

Security cameras are an option, but it’s easy to spot and it can be evaded and tampered with which is not what you should go for. And what if you just want to know what’s going on in your bedroom you don’t need a camera jutting out in the corner. If you need to monitor what’s going on discretely then the best alternative is the Spark ProCam.

The Spark ProCam does not usually look like a camera and that’s the best part because it’s also a wall charger. You can charge any of your devices while it records anything it senses with its motion sensors. It takes HD quality videos and crisp audio, so you have a clear picture of what’s really happening. Its compact design means that you can take it with you anywhere and people won’t notice it.

Additionally, It doesn’t need any installation or long cables. Just simply plug it in an outlet without obstructions and it will endlessly record what it senses in its surroundings. It’s more than just a charger its one of the coolest spy cameras you can buy.

SparkProCam Pros & Cons


Multi-functional also works like a wall charger
Records hours of clear footage
Easy to use and hide in various places


Will not get the full coverage if plugged in a low outlet.

Spark ProCam Features

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Dual Use

Spark ProCam is both a fully functional security camera and a wall charger with a compact design which makes it discrete that no one will notice.
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Clear Video & Audio

Spark ProCam takes clear video footage and crisp audio when it detects anything in its surroundings. Capturing clear footage is important to make things easier to understand what’s really going on.
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Motion Sensor

Spark ProCam has a built-in motion indicator that records anything that moves. You can be sure that it will capture those in the act of snooping in without you knowing.

Spark ProCam Specifications

1080P HD camera
Built-in Microphone
Video Resolution: 1920 X 1080 @ 30FPS
Color: black

Spark ProCam Shopper Reviews

This is one of a kind! I have not seen anything like this and I was hooked. I bought one and it worked better than I expected. I can finally know who’s been stealing things in the fridge. Leslie Craig

The camera works great. I used it a couple of times and will keep using it every time I am out of the house. I might buy another one. Bill Newman

I needed a new charger and then I stumbled to this charger and I didn’t know that cameras can be put in this. I am definitely buying this one. Ivy Curtis

The shipping was fast. I tested it today and it works fine. I think the downside is I can’t find an outlet high enough to plug this thing in. Vanessa Higgs

Who would have thought that you can combine a charger and a spy camera together? This looks really cool. I’m planning on putting this in my room. Dominic Reed



Summary This spy/security camera is just what I need! I live alone with a cat and I needed more protection. I want something small that no one can see it and notice, this camera does just that. It looks like an adapter but it’s also a spy cam! I like that it has another use, so no one will actually think it’s a camera. I plugged it in an extension outlet near the entrance of my bedroom and I taped it high enough, so the camera has a better view of things. It starts to record when the indicator detects something near and it recorded the behavior of my cat who comes as she pleases in my bedroom and I found out that she takes naps in my bed. The reason for the accumulated fur when I come back home.
Good thing that the video quality is clear but the audio is a little low but it is only a minor problem if I can see what’s happening in my room. I’m planning to buy two more one to plug in my living room and the other in the kitchen. It’s a nice alternative for a security camera when you don’t have the budget to install one. Spark ProCam certainly made me see things I couldn’t have when I’m not there.

Product Quality

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