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Snap Smartcam Security Camera: Product Reviews and Ratings

Snap Smartcam Security Camera: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 94%Score 94%

Snap SmartCam Product Description

Snap SmartCam is a camera which passes all the requirements of a great spy camera and more. It’s covert and hard to detect, a trait which can no longer be said for models such as pen, glasses and USB cameras. They have become so popular that they are always the items you would suspect are being used to record. This is where Snap SmartCam has the advantage because it looks like a simple phone wall adapter that people won’t pay attention to it.

Snap SmartCam produces high-quality video and audio with no need of concealment. It’s equipped with a Micro SD with an 8 Gigabytes of storage space. And the smartest thing about this device is that it has motion sensors which determine when it starts and stops recording.

You don’t have to sacrifice footage quality to get days’ worth of important information. Compile more evidence for a case or corroborate witness accounts. Be more secure with Snap SmartCam.

Snap SmartCam Pros & Cons



Easy to store and hide anywhere


Does not raise suspicion


Compatible with iOS and Android devices


High-definition video quality


Quick footage viewing



The night vision is not as clear


Cannot be connected to a different type of power source

Snap SmartCam Features

Snap Smartcam Motion Detector Feature

Motion Activated Recording

Snap SmartCam is a smart spy camera with motion sensors that activates the camera and microphone to start recording. It detects the slightest of movements even in zero visibility. Starts and stops recording automatically.

Snap Smartcam Multi-Purpose Device

Multi-Purpose Device

This works as a surveillance camera as well as a wall adaptor which can be used to charge phones with iOS and Android devices.

Snap Smartcam High Definition Footage

High Quality Output

It produces videos in 1080p with clear audio recording. Files are saved in AVI format and marked with date and time stamps for accurate viewing. They can be viewed and managed by connecting your device directly to the camera using the USB cable.

Snap Smartcam Specifications


1.1×1.69×1.1 inches (length x width x height)


Weighs a total of 23g


Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems


Directly charges to a wall socket. Does not use batteries


Does not require app downloads or wireless connections


Package includes the mirror cast HDMI body, a USB cable with micro USB end and manual

Snap Smartcam Review


Summary Snap Smartcam works great in every environment because no one would suspect it’s a spy camera. This looks convincing as an ordinary phone adaptor so you won’t raise suspicion when you use it. What I also like about Snap Smartcam is the footage files are high-resolution. Considering the lens is tiny, they’re great. It adjusts to the available lighting and comes with night vision. However, the night vision is not as clear as other surveillance cameras. Still good enough for the price point though. And if you’re looking for a really covert camera and don’t want to comb through hours of footage, Snap Smartcam is perfect for you.

Output Quality
Phone Compatibility

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  1. Ernest Boyda Jr

    None of my three smart cams like my MAC desktop. I need to use my laptop.

  2. jan

    I purchased the smart cam at the end of November and received by the second week in December 2017. Used it once and it was great. Plugged it in again and nothing. Contacted the company via email as they request-gave me instructions and a website to fix my problem. Nothing worked on three different computers, even the one it worked on in the beginning. Contacted the company again and have not received a response even for the return/exchange information they require to be able to return within 30 days of purchase. Also purchased the lifetime warranty. Today is December 18 and I have still not received any response and when you call their 800-811-7966 it answers with music then a recording comes on stating for faster response email the company then hangs up on you.
    I gambled and lost, maybe others will have better luck.

  3. Manwell

    Tried my snapsmartcam in two different computers and It does not open the usb/sd file. Do I need to install a driver in order to connect?

  4. Sally

    Oh no. Did you ever get yours? I was actually kinda worried when after 2 weeks it still hasnt arrived yet. But it arrived sometime after three weeks.


    Mine arrived in 2 weeks and seems to work very well. Will be ordering additional.



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