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Smart Socket: Product Reviews and Ratings

Smart Socket: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 90%Score 90%

Smart Socket Product Description

Home burglary remains a clear threat during these trying times and sometimes the only thing that could deter it is by installing multiple CCTV cameras in your home. However, home security systems also have their downsides. CCTV cameras themselves can be expensive. Operating and maintaining them is even more so. Just the constant use can rack up a huge electricity bill. So, while they may be scaring off criminals, they may also cause you to lose a lot of money.

If you want to secure your entire household without breaking the bank, then save money and use the greatest deterrent of all. Make it look occupied by revolutionizing your home’s light system with Smart Socket. This seemingly ordinary adaptor is a discreet and highly advanced device which allows you to control your lights with a push of a button on your phone. It’s also capable of creating a schedule and setting a timer so you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. What’s more, is that you can do all these even when you’re away.

It sounds complex and techy, but don’t worry. Smart Socket is super easy to use. You can set it up in no time with just 4 quick steps. First, download the Smart Socket app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s available on both Google Play and Apple Store. Next, plug Smart Socket into any electrical outlet in your home. Then plug the device you downloaded the app to and start syncing. Once you’ve successfully connected your device, you can have complete control of the lights at your home whenever and wherever you go.

Smart Socket Pros & Cons





Discreet looking device


Quick installment process


Easy to use


Includes a free app



Feels lightweight and fragile

Smart Socket Features

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Smart Socket gives you full control of the lights at your home using your phone and allows you to use it as a defense to a home invasion. You may even create a schedule of when they turn on or off.

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This smart device doesn’t just look like regular charging adaptors. It fully functions as one too. You can use it to charge your electronics and protect your home.

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Setting up Smart Socket is easy. Just plug it into any electrical outlet, plug your smartphone or tablet to it, and sync using the Smart Socket app. It’s that easy.

Smart Socket Specifications


Color: White


System Compatibility: Android, and iOs

Smart Socket Shopper Reviews

For my budget, I can’t afford to get a surveillance camera so this is the next best thing I guess. So far so good. It works. I’d recommend 100%

Stephen Fields

Installed it a few weeks ago. The shipping took a while. But the product does what it says. It’s convenient and very affordable.


Very effective and for the price point I can’t complain. Definitely puts my mind at ease when I leave the house.

Helen Co

Almost scared the life out of my roommates when I installed Smart Socket and scheduled for the lights to turn off in the middle of the afternoon. Good news is it works!


I tested out smart socket at home and set up a schedule of when they turn on. The wife checked and glad to say it works great for us. Very happy with my purchase.




Summary Make your house appear occupied at all times and deter home invasions with Smart Socket, a home security device which enables you to access your home’s light system. You can use it to turn the lights on and off using your phone even while you’re away on vacation. It’s a good and affordable alternative which doesn’t use as much electricity compared to CCTV cameras.
Smart Socket also works discreetly. It’s disguised as an ordinary adaptor makes it less prone to compromise. And if you ever experience a power outage at home, you don’t have to perform a manual reboot. Simply open the app and check on the system.
This powerful home security isn’t limited to home usage though. You may also install it at any property or business for extra security.


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