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SkyWireTV Antenna: Product Reviews and Ratings

SkyWireTV Antenna: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 89%Score 89%

SkyWireTV Antenna Product Description

Can SkyWireTV Antenna really replace your cable TV subscription?

Cutting off cable TV isn’t easy for everyone because having a long and detailed channel plan is hard to break away from. However, the cons outweigh its benefits. Cable TV has become too expensive to maintain. And out of the 100 channels given to you, you may only really watch 10. So it doesn’t make sense to keep paying for all of them especially when they are available over the air for free.

Reduce your expenses and boost your savings by getting rid of Cable TV. Get SkyWireTV Antenna instead, an indoor digital antenna with a 30 mile multi-directional range. It can pick up hundreds of local channels broadcasted over the air for free including those in High-Definition. You can access programs from news, sports, weather and other popular live TV shows. No contract or subscription necessary. Pay once to have a lifetime of unlimited channel access. It’s completely legal and more practical than cable TV.

SkyWireTV Antenna comes with a razor thin signal receiver, a 4 meter long coaxial cable an adhesive tip for easy mounting. It works for all kinds of screens from TV sets to computers granted you have a coaxial adaptor. Set it up within minutes and get instant results.

SkyWireTV Antenna Pros & Cons



Capable of supporting high-definition broadcasts


Receives signals from all directions


Works for all screen models from different brands



Can’t be installed outside


Only 30 mile range

SkyWireTV Antenna Features

Octa Air Antenna Wide Coverage Range Icon

Effortless Installment

Plug SkyWireTV antenna to the screen of your choice (tv screen, computer or laptop). Conduct a channel scan to get a channel list. Remove the ones you don’t want and keep the ones you do. Enjoy a lifetime of free access with no limits.

Octa Air Antenna Compatible with All Screens Icon

Multi-Directional Receiver

Not limited by one-directional receiver. This modernized antenna can receive signals from all directions within its 30 mile range.

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Ultra High-Definition Watching

SkyWireTV antenna is less prone to static and signal interference. It’s able to support HD watching wherever and whenever. Get HD channels for no extra charges.

SkyWireTV Antenna Specifications


8.3×4.7 inch receiver


Coaxial cable



Summary The channel list changes from time to time but ultimately, I think SkyWireTV is an effective and reliable digital antenna. The range is limited to 30 miles but it picked up quite a lot of channels in regular and HD. It’s a good for money value if you really want to break away from cable TV. There are no recurring fees and the HD channels don’t cost extra. Don’t expect to get HBO though because programs like that aren’t free. SkyWireTV is good for getting live TV programs so for movies and special series, compliment it with a streaming service. The total for both will only cost a fraction of what basic plans are at now anyway.

Signal Range
Channels Received

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  1. Diane Jones

    I have old TV, can I get HDTV channels? Also I currently have premium cable channels,Internet and phone. will I still have all my these features with the Sky Wire TV Antenna?

  2. christine

    Two of our TV’s are not digital. They are very old but still work great. Will this item work with them or just on our digital TV’s?

  3. maria

    April 28th I responded to one of your advertisments and thought your product might be a gift for two of my associates. I ordered two and then I got your promotions for the wire needed for outdoor connectors. I did not know re this and questioned the towns my two associates lived in since I was getting messages stating the home states or countries where owners of the purchased items lived. My order had NOT been give to purchase anything until I knew the items could be used!!! The next day I get emails from your company advising they had billed my credit source of Paypal (this was April 29th.) I sent your company an email advising the order had not been completed since I was still in the process of finding out if it worked for them or not You had already billed my account for 78.85 and 87.00 for both the others needed to insure the attachments would be able to be used even tho this was not confirmed! I then semt an email advising you to kindly return a refund to Paypal since no purchase had been made!! We were just in the exploration stage!!!! I am now in touch with Paypal advising them of what you have done and I truly expect your company to do the honorable thing and return the funds you billed my Paypal acct for since no positive transaction had ever been made. I did not think your company would have done a billing without a request…Thank you for returning the funds you took from my account and you do so immediately so no further action will be required..mariane white

  4. robin bell

    can some one tell me why I have not received a tracking number

  5. Debi Carvill

    Will I have to keep my roku for the other channels,such as hulu,sling,etc. will I be able to receive Animal planet,Nat Geo,Nat Geo W, Historychannel and America Destination?

  6. Charles Dimino

    i would like to know if i can get channels, like CBS,ABC,NBC,HGTV, and all lists of channels, I live in Colorado 80109

  7. Karen Goldsmith

    I was in the process of ordering my sky wire and the computer did not allow me to finish my address. I would like to make sure you received my order. Also the total to be charged to my account and arrival time of the product. I had also applied for the 5 dollars off. Please contact me

  8. Rox A Cerillo

    How much does this cost and do you need 2 of the antenna’s if you have 2 tv’s


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