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Siren Guard Alarm Keychain: Product Reviews and Ratings

Siren Guard Alarm Keychain: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 88%Score 88%

Siren Guard Product Description

Can Siren Guard, a personal alarm, protect you against danger?

The potential danger on our streets is a reality we must face. These days it’s not safe enough to go out without protection. We should always be aware of what’s going on in our surroundings, so we don’t run to any kind of trouble along the way. One of the ways we can protect ourselves is to attract the attention of passers-by around you. This would make the criminal hesitate to make threats. A protection device is a must in driving away danger. And Siren Guard is exactly what you need.

Siren Guard is a personal security system that fits in the palm of your hand. It creates a loud siren that will stop any attacker on their tracks and prevent them from doing their act. It can also be used if you need immediate medical attention or help. You can immediately activate it by pulling the pin and alarm will go off up to 30 minutes. The 130db alarm can be heard miles away. It is more than enough for help to arrive.

It also includes a keychain strap to make it easier to bring everywhere. If you sense imminent danger activating the alarm can make perpetrators scared off. Having a personal alarm like Siren Guard will surely help you feel safer on the streets.

Siren Guard Pros & Cons


Siren Guard is a portable alarm that everyone can use.
With its 130db sound, it can be heard a block away and help will surely arrive.


Because of its size some people might find it hard to remove the pin. Practicing to pull out the pin will prove to be helpful.

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Versatile Design

Siren Guard is simply designed for everyone. They can use it in situations where they are exposed to any potential danger especially walking at night or need immediate help.
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Non-violent solution

Perpetrators will stay away when they hear that 130db siren ringing. Siren Guard provides you with an easy solution to any potential danger without any harm or violence.
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Easy to Use

Siren Guard does not require any additional apps or setup. Pulling the pin will immediately activate the alarm for up to half an hour and can be heard long enough for help to come.

Siren Guard  Specifications

Quick-Pull Pin Activated Alarm
130 dB Attention-Grabbing Alarm
Easy-See Orange Alarm Strap
Security LED Light
Weight: 75g, Size: 90mm x 30mm

Siren Guard Shopper Reviews

This is one handy protection device. Siren Guard is one of the things that I take with me wherever I go. I keep it at hand when I walk alone in the suburbs at night. Andrea Miller

The siren is so loud I threw it down the floor when I tested it. It surprised me because it is so small but it’s really louder than a jackhammer. Sophia Wong

I bought three for me and my family because it feels like it’s the right thing to do. Nowadays, I can’t go out without feeling worried if something might happen to me and having this helps to reassure me. Jamie Diaz

130db is pretty loud for such a small device. I bought this thinking it will help me to fend off any preparators that will come my way. I sure hope that there won’t come a time that I have to use this. Jen Andrews

This is one loud alarm it can even beat my house alarm. I tested it and it works fine it even got the attention of my neighbor asking me what’s wrong. This will come definitely in use when I go out at night. Robbie Fletcher



Summary Siren Guard is what I really needed. I usually walk at night from work and I can’t help but feel scared of thieves and perverts that lurks in the streets. I bought this alarm recently and I tested it once and you can be sure that it is loud enough to annoy your neighbors. I make sure that I keep it with me whenever I go out and it lessens my anxiety a little bit. I use it as a keychain in case I don’t bring my bag and I am prepared to activate it if I sense any kind of imminent danger. Because sometimes being vigilant is not enough you should have to some kind of self-defense know how to avoid any kind of violent confrontation and I’m afraid I don’t have the skill to do it and I am fully aware of it. That’s why buying Siren Guard will make it easier for me to scare off any kind of perpetrators away from me. By activating Siren Guard, I can also give the attention to the perpetrator in case he runs away. I personally think everyone should have one of these, so they can have the power to do something if anything bad happens.

Product Quality

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