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SharperMate: Product Reviews and Ratings

SharperMate: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

SharperMate Product Description

What is SharperMate and why is it a must-have in every kitchen?

So many top chefs owe their cooking skills to how finely they slice food. They take good care of their tools and one of their most priced kitchen tool are kitchen knives. Some chefs even have their own set of knives specifically tailored for them. What does an ordinary kitchen knife have in common with a top chef’s knife? The answer lies in their sharp gleaming blade.

Home cooks know how valuable a good kitchen knife is, but as they all know, knives reach their end when it gets dull. That’s why sharpening those blades must be habitual. Like them, you can get that gleaming blade by using SharperMate.

SharperMate is a portable electric sharpening tool ideal for any home cooks out there who needs more than just butchered cuts. By sharpening your blades, you will exert less effort in getting that amazing slice of any ingredient in your pantry. That’s what sharper blades can do for you.

Waste no time with dull knives and sharpen them with SharperMate. It can sharpen over 8 kinds of knives: kitchen knives, cleavers, and even your garden shears! Compared to other clunky sharpening tools. SharperMate is cordless, compact and portable, you will have no trouble taking it with you anywhere even when you’re going camping!

SharperMate Pros & Cons


SharperMate is more than just a sharpening tool for kitchen knives, it can also sharpen scissors and screwdrivers. It’s perfect for both the garage and the kitchen. Rotating the guide lets you sharpen at any angle and if you remove the guide you can sharpen larger tools like gardening shears. There are a lot of blades to sharpen and you can do it with just SharperMate.


The improper use of the rotating guide can easily damage it. By forcing the blade to the guide and taking it out immediately can crack the edges. It’s best to be careful especially with handling sharp objects.

SharperMate Features

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Makes Sharpening Easy

Choose from 6 different guides to sharpen the blade at the perfect angle. You can sharpen anything from kitchen knives to gardening shears. Best of all, it’s hassle-free.
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Motorized Sapphire Stone

Will surely sharpen and refine your knives to perfection. It is just the right tool for home cooks and fixer uppers who needs to sharpen dull blades.
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Portable and Cordless

You don’t have to worry about cords and clunky machinery. SharperMate is designed to be taken anywhere. Just insert 4 Double A batteries and you’re good to go.

SharperMate Specifications

Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 60mm
Batteries: 4x Double A
Batteries: 4x Double A
Color: Green

SuperBoost Shopper Reviews

I am very pleased with this product. I’ve always find it tricky to hand sharpen my knives. Buying Sharpermate let’s me do it so easily that I bought another one for my aunt. Vince Davies

Definitely give it a go. Ive been using Sharpermate for some time now and it never disappoints. I love how its so versatile and I can use it to sharpen almost any tool that I have. Lucy Smith

Much better than the other ones I’ve tried before. This one lets you sharpen your tools at the perfect angle that’s why it is so much easier than pumice stones. George Masters

Convenient and portable. I recently bought sharpermate and it has become one of the staples in my kitchen. I can cut through meat like a breeze when I sharpened my cleaver. Recommended to housewives Jenny Wright

I can now julienne my carrots like never before. Well mostly it takes skill, but sharp knives count a lot too. I am having a much easier time cutting meat and vegetables for such a short amount of time. A must have Wesley Anderson



Summary We cannot get over how useful SharperMate is. It is such a convenient sharpening tool for any home cooks out there. We use it in sharpening my kitchen knives and cleavers. We have an easier time slicing things at my kitchen that my usual prep time is cut in half. We can cook much more quickly and I’m dicing things up like a food processor. It’s such a great buy considering that I can also sharpen my home tools too like my pruning shears. It takes a bit of practice though since there are 6 different guides in there. I had a little help but when I got the hang of it, I’ve used it more times than I could count.
Before, we were still using the regular butchers steel but it doesn’t really remove the steel that causes dullness in my blades and I find a bit difficult at times. But with SharperMate I can sharpen my knives very easily. It is also safer and much more convenient compared to other sharpening tools. So it’s something that gets bang for my buck.
I’m recommending this to those who still doesn’t get the hang of conventional sharpening devices like bench stones or sharpening rods. SharperMate is quick and easy and you can even take it with you while you are out of town or going camping. It is just what every home cook needs in their kitchen.


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