Octa Air Antenna Product Description

Majority of stations broadcast their channels in high-definition without recurring monthly fees or extra charges. They are all readily accessible for free – but with the right equipment. So if you’re wondering why you’re paying hundreds of dollars to satellite TV providers for channels that are otherwise free, well actually, you don’t have to. You can watch your favorite TV programs on demand, cut down on your expenses and personalize your entertainment by switching to Octa Air Antenna.

Octa Air Antenna is an HDTV antenna which comes with a 4 meter coaxial cable and a digital receiver. It is capable of receiving signals 50km away and from multiple directions. Additionally, you can simply plug it and instantly use it to get free channel access and unlimited TV watching. No subscription or internet needed. It cuts through signal static with ease and supports high-definition channels. It is suitable even for suburban and heavily populated areas. Also, you can use it for mobile homes or while traveling on wheels.

Octa Air Antenna works for all screens and the multi-directional feature allows it to pick up every channel that comes within range. It provides crystal clear resolution and maintains strong signal reception even when you’re on the move.

Octa Air Antenna Pros & Cons



Supports broadcasts up to 1080p


No recurring fees which makes it affordable


Works for all screen with iOs and Android systems



The cable is only 4 meters long which limits antenna placement

Octa Air Antenna Features

Octa Air Antenna Wide Coverage Range Icon

Wide Coverage Range

Octa Air no longer needs an amplifier. It is multi-directional which eliminates the need for pointing and can reach signals within a 50km range. It’s able to pick up as much as 100 free broadcast channels both in regular and high-definition.

Octa Air Antenna Compatible with All Screens Icon

Compatible with All Screens

Octa Air is compatible with all screens and doesn’t need monthly updates. It works for all versions of iOs and Android systems.

Octa Air Antenna Quick and Easy Installment Icon

Quick and Easy Installment

The installment process is simple. Connect Octa Air Antenna to any screen using the coaxial cable, select it as your TV source then conduct a channel scan. It’s so easy that you can do start enjoying free and limitless TV in minutes.

Octa Air Antenna Specifications


295×75 mm


Includes a coaxial cable 4 meters long


Weighs 86 grams in total