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MirrorCast Media: Product Reviews and Ratings

MirrorCast Media: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 90%Score 90%

MirrorCast Media Product Description

What is MirrorCast Media and why do you need it?

People often prefer working on their phone because it fits in our pocket perfectly unlike a laptop. However, the screen is small which limits working space. It doesn’t come with an HDMI port either and often doesn’t support connections to devices from different brands. So if you wanted to connect to a TV screen or projector, you would either have to transfer the files to a USB or have a laptop ready. That takes time to set up.

Eliminate unnecessary steps and connect to whatever screen you want with MirrorCast Media. It’s a portable phone accessory which displays your phone’s screen to any TV, laptop, computer or projector regardless of their brand and model. MirrorCast Media enables a direct connection to your phone and to any screen via HDMI as well as wireless connections through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Work hard and play harder with MirrorCast Media. Connect to big screens to see your work in HD, showcase your photos to a captive audience or set up a personal theatre in minutes. Do more with your phone and don’t settle with a small screen ever again.

MirrorCast Media Pros & Cons



Allows any smartphone or tablet to take photos meters away


Doesn’t need a power source or drain phone battery


Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Zenphone, and Oppo units


No need to download an app


More affordable and convenient than an SLR camera



There are black frames around the photo if not secured over properly because the lens tip is quite small


Delivery took longer than I expected


Feels lightweight and easy to break

MirrorCast Media Features

MirrorCast Media different devices

Compatible with Different Devices

MirrorCast Media works for all device models from different brands that have iOS or Android systems. It connects to phones, tablets and laptops. Supports screen mirroring to TV screens, computer monitors and projectors.

MirrorCast Media multiple connections

Multiple Connections Available

You can connect to any screen directly using an HDMI adaptor to save internet bandwidth. Or you may connect by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. MirrorCast Media saves your pairing history for faster set up.

MirrorCast Media high definition

Complete High-Definition Casting

MirrorCast Media casts audio, photo and video files. It’s ready for 4K Cinematic casting and High-Definition files that are up to 1080p.

MirrorCast Media Specifications


Manual for iOS/Android


HDMI Adaptor


Micro USB Cable

MirrorCast Media Review


Summary MirrorCast Media is an inexpensive phone accessory which does not discriminate against different brands. It was compatible with all the devices I tested and worked great. The HDMI adaptor and micro USB charging capable that came with it are both quite short through. If the screen you want to connect to is mounted to a wall or not near any shelves, I suggest providing a different adaptor. Any would do. Or you could connect wirelessly instead. Another thing is that the micro USB is not compatible with Apple devices in which case, you may use the original cable that was provided with your phone. Generally easy to set up and fun to play with. The manual gave clear and complete instructions for iOS and Android devices. Just remember to click iOS/Android switch and choose the operating system of your phone. Otherwise, it won’t detect a connection with MirrorCast Media. The operating system of the screen or projector you’ll be broadcasting to wouldn’t matter anyway if you directly connect with an HDMI adaptor.

Screen Sharing Quality
Device Compatibility

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