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LiveWave Antenna : Product Reviews and Ratings

LiveWave Antenna : Product Reviews and RatingsScore 91%Score 91%

LiveWave Product Description

How can LiveWave make your everyday TV watching experience better?

Cord-cutting has been a trend lately and a lot of digital antennas have been released to the market. Cord-cutting is a good thing as the people can save a lot by not paying monthly, not getting bound into contracts and having less hassle with bad service in their cable TV subscriptions.

One problem with antennas, however, is that there will be an antenna hanging somewhere in your house. If you’re someone who is a bit meticulous in terms of their home design, this is a major problem as these antennas are more functional in nature than aesthetic.

Another thing about antennas is that you must look for a good spot in order to get it to its optimum performance. They say that it is a multi-directional antenna that can pick up signals from multiple directions. The problem with this is that antennas have a tendency to be blocked easily by solid obstructions like walls.

One thing that people don’t know is that the best antennas are actually already in their homes. They know that these exist, but they don’t know that it could do such a thing – our house wires.

Our house wires could actually pick up signals. It could act as an antenna which we could connect to our TVs and use to watch the programs that we want to watch on TV.

Don’t believe us? We’ve already tried it – with the LiveWave Antenna.

LiveWave Pros & Cons


The upside to the LiveWave is you could lessen irrelevant wirings in your home. As a matter of fact, you could maximize the power of all your wires. It does not only help you functionally by getting channels for you, but it also helps you aesthetically by not having to put up an antenna connected to a long wire.


The downside to the LiveWave is its signal-picking. It could only pick up so much. If you live in an area with terrible reception, you cannot pick up a lot of channels.

LiveWave Features

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Plug and Play

Tools or technical knowledge are not needed in getting a LiveWave Antenna. Just plug the device into an electrical outlet and it’s good to go. Connect it with the provided cable to your TV set.
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Crystal-Clear Free Channels

Unlike the promise of a lot of digital antennas, the LiveWave Antenna really gives us crystal-clear channels as it can pick up not only SD channels but also HD channels.
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Costs You Less

The LiveWave Antenna could make you bid goodbye to monthly bills in your cable TV subscriptions as it is only a one-time payment.

LiveWave Specifications

HD and SD Channels
Free Cable Included
Works on Any TV

LiveWave Shopper Reviews

The LiveWave is really amazing! I never thought that the wirings in our home could do that. Thumbs up for LiveWave Antenna! The makers of this product are pure genius! Jack Miller

LiveWave Antenna, you da real MVP. I could now watch NBA HD without having to shell out more cash than I used to with cable TV subscriptions. Hands down! Paul Jameson

Good thing I researched a lot before getting an alternative to my cable TV subscription. I really read a lot of blogs and reviews just to get to a great decision – LiveWave Antenna. Great product! Lily McDonald

No doubt, the best product ever invented. I never thought that our wires had that kind of power. It’s a huge saver for me. I now have more money that I could put in the bank for the car I’m saving up for. Kristine Ford

No marketing tactics needed. No advertising needed. The word of mouth is good enough. The LiveWave is a great saver. Its HD promise is not just a promise but a commitment. They didn’t bluff. Jeremiah Pascual



Summary I am an interior designer and I personally love the LiveWave Antenna. I have been really thinking about buying an antenna because I’ve always thought of cord-cutting. I am pretty meticulous in terms of the design of my own home I designed it for so long. Our home is a dream come true. Just because we decided to upgrade our TV essentials , doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice the outlook of our living room.
This is why I was really happy when I discovered the LiveWave Antenna. And when I showed it to my electrical engineer husband, he can’t believe why he did not think of that. He said that the LiveWave is a million-dollar idea, not just for the company but for the consumers. It can save money for the people by not paying cable bills while the company could be a big help to a lot of people.
We really love the LiveWave Antenna because aside from it not being a distraction in our home, it gives us the channels that we love to watch, for free! We could now save the money we use to pay our bills for our cable TV subscription and just use it for gas money or whatever we want.
We highly recommend buying the LiveWave Antenna to the people who are thinking of cutting the cord, for people who have already cut the cord but disappointed with their digital antennas , and to other kinds of people who love watching TV!

Picture Quality
Signal Reception
Product Design

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  1. Pamela

    will it hook up to some kind of recorder to record shows?

  2. Stuart

    Since this device uses the house wiring as an antenna, my thought is it will not work in a metal building, as the walls would shield the wires from any outside signal.

  3. Ken

    I want to buy this but when I went to order on their website it neither confirmed nor went to their completed order notification. I’ve now been on hold for over twenty minutes on their customer service line @ the proper time because I wanted to make sure that there are no multiple orders. It’s now been 25 minutes!

  4. dennis todd

    I do not see that you have a money back guarantee. I would like to try livewave but not without a guarantee if it does not work in my home I will not need it. Please let me know if you do have one. Thanks

  5. Gary Baumgarten

    I have tried to contact Customer service with no answer at your side of the phone call. my question is how does the unit work in Algonac MI 48001, we have very poor reception in our area, please provide some customer reviews from Algonac, MI to help make the correct decision to purchase the Live Wave Unit.
    Thanks for your support.


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