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InvisiCharger Wireless Charger: Product Reviews and Ratings

InvisiCharger Wireless Charger: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 90%Score 90%

InvisiCharger Product Description

Wireless charging has certainly become one of the most sought-after features in the latest gadgets. It has been fully integrated to the latest smartphone models, wireless earphones and smartwatches. The technology around it is based on a scientific principle discovered by Nikola Tesla himself called, Induction Technology. The Wireless charging technology we are now familiar with has been derived from that principle. The Wireless charger works transferring energy from an induction coil to a receiver coil via electromagnetic induction. This allows devices to be powered up and the devices that have been integrated with receiver coils are the ones that are capable of being wirelessly charged.

InvisiCharger is a wireless charger capable of charging Qi-enabled devices. But one thing it differs from every wireless charger out there is that it can be installed so discreetly that a lot of people might think you are charging your phone out of thin air.

The InvisiCharger was designed to create a streamline wireless charging experience that allows users to install the charger under non-metallic surfaces like plastic, granite, wood, quartz and even granite tables. This means that you can immediately place your phone on top of the space where the InvisiCharger is installed and immediately power up your devices. It’s clutter-free and is so easy to set up.ons.

InvisiCharger Pros & Cons



InvisiCharger is simply one of the most interesting ways you can set up your wireless charging station. It enables you to be clutter free and doesn’t take up any bulk of your workspace. Anything you place on the spot will be immediately charged in a matter of minutes. Charging your phone has never been simpler



The InvisiCharger does not work with surfaces that has very thick layers its charging distance is only limited to 23-32mm.

InvisiCharger Features

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Easy to Set Up

The simplicity of InvisiCharger means it’s easy to install in no time. Simply peel off the plastic covering of the device and stick under the table you want to set up your charging station.

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Clutter Free

The InvisiCharger can really streamline your workspace. By installing the device under the table means that you have more area to work on.

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Fast Charging

Even under normal circumstances, the Invisicharger can power up your devices 32mm away. Its long range induction coils allows it to transfer energy a little bit more farther.

InvisiCharger Specifications


Weight: 220g


Charging distance: 22-32mm


Size: 130mm (W) 22.5mm (H)


Includes: Boosting pad, Manual

InvisiCharger Shopper Reviews

I have been wanting a wireless charging pad like this for so long when I saw it in one of my friend’s place. I thought it looked so cool that I knew I wanted to have one.
James Pauly

The InvisiCharger is simply one of those devices that I couldn’t believe was possible at first because wireless charging pads usually need to charge phones by directly placing it on them. I’ll definitely try this one out.
Reah Fowler

This is the first time I’ve seen a wireless charging pad like this. I become intrigued so I bought one for myself and tested it out. And I’m glad to say that it works.
Alex Nguyen

Okay, wait a minute. You mean I could stick this thing under the table, and it works like a normal wireless charger. Well, I’m going to buy one to try it out.
Craig Andrews

The optional charging pad included with the product is a really cool addition because it lets me know where I have Installed the InvisiCharger. Cool product! Would buy again.
Gene Alberto



Summary InvisiCharger is certainly one of the coolest things I bought this month. I have bought a couple of wireless chargers in the past and they are plugged in everywhere in my bedroom, car and workspace. I find the wireless charging so convenient because I just have to place my phone down on the charging pad and Boom it just charges. The InvisiCharger has made me realize that the Wireless charging technology have been really developed since it got popular to the mass market. My phone and EarPods need to be charged wirelessly and it’s been an interesting experience to just place them on a flat surface instead of a wireless charging pad. Unlike other wireless charging pad that takes up a space on your table you can install this charger under that table and place your phone on top of it which is how it works. I’ve bought one and I tried it out on my coffee table made of wood and it worked. It even works on my countertop. But needless to say, you should pick up a spot where there is no clutter and install the InvisiCharger under that. This wireless charger definitely got my attention and I recommend those with Qi-compatible devices to try and test this out because of how cool it is.


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