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FamilyGuard Pro: Product Reviews and Ratings

FamilyGuard Pro: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 92%Score 92%

FamilyGuard Pro Product Description

Being a parent is no easy task. After all the sleepless nights of taking care of your child as a baby, there are more restless days to come as you worry about how they are handling being on their own room or how they’re being treated by the babysitter while you’re at work. The worries just never end. However, with FamilyGuard Pro, you can keep a closer eye on your child and keep your home safe even when you’re away.

FamilyGuard Pro is an affordable but high-performing camera that doesn’t isn’t just used for surveillance. It’s also a great security device which comes with all your parenting requirements. The camera can capture HD videos up to 1080p resolution even in complete darkness. And because it’s built with a two-way communication system, it can record clear audio and allow you to talk to the person on the other end.

You may access all these features and more through the free FamilyGuard Pro app which is available on both the Google and Apple App store. Don’t worry about being incompatible though because it works on all types of devices including phones, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers.

FamilyGuard Pro Pros & Cons



Affordable selling price


High-definition video and audio footage


Comes with a notification system


Easy to install and mountable design


User-friendly and FREE app



Largest memory card is 32GB

FamilyGuard Pro Features

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FamilyGuard Pro is made with a high-definition camera which can record videos up to 1920x1080p and using night vision. It’s also capable of moving sideways and tilting to give you a 360 view of the entire room. You can download the footage or stream it online using the free FamilyGuard Pro app.

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Record, communicate, and listen to clear and reliable audio with FamilyGuard Pro. It’s has a two-way microphone and speaker you can use through the app.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad easy to use


You can boost your home security with FamilyGuard Pro because it’s made with sensitive motion detection which can sense even the slightest movement. It’s also able to alert you of any strange activity by sending an immediate notification to your phone.

FamilyGuard Pro Specifications


Operating System: Android and iOs


Compatible Devices: Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop


Connection: Wireless, WiFi


Storage: 32GB


Color: White



Summary FamilyGuard Pro is a high-definition security camera which captures 1080p video resolution. It enables online streaming of real-time footage and because it comes with a 32GB memory card, can also store long hours of video. You can stream it online and rewatch the recordings by connecting the camera to your computer or phone. In addition, Family Guard Pro is built with high-quality microphone and speakers which goes both ways. So, you can communicate through your phone with people on the other side of the camera as if you were in the same room. No need to shut off the camera just to call. There are other plenty of useful features This security camera also comes with other useful features such as infrared night vision capable of capturing crystal-clear black and white footage even in complete darkness as well as motion detection which you can set up to send notifications directly to your phone.


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