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Circa Charge: Product Reviews and Ratings

Circa Charge: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 90%Score 90%

Circa Charge Product Description

It is always a dilemma to find out that your phone battery is on low and you don’t have enough time to charge it. Especially if you need to rush and then you find out that you only have limited battery life. In these cases, most people would bring a battery bank for a quick fix but how about making your charging time faster? Because that is where wireless charging comes into play.

Wireless charging is a convenient solution that enables your phone to be charged by just placing it on a charging mat. No cables needed. It’s the latest technology that is becoming more popular for recent smartphone models. Wireless charging will only work with compatible devices that are specifically built in to support wireless charger so it’s not for everyone. But that will also change thanks to Circa Charge wireless charger.

The Circa Charge is a special charging device developed to make all phones compatible with it. Because it comes with an adapter that can be plugged into the back of your phone. And it receives the signal that powers up your phone. Its sleek design can even fit through a phone case. Once the adapter is attached, you can simply place it on the charging pad and charge up your phone within minutes. It’s that simple.

Circa Charge Pros & Cons


The Circa Charge is a great alternative to any phone user especially those with older models. With a Circa Charge, you can avail wireless charging easily without paying for more additional features for your phone. Its fast charging feature is enough to increase your phone’s battery life to 100% within the range of 20 minutes.


Circa Charge is prone to overheating. Let it cool off before using again and don’t leave it plugged in for long periods of time.

Circa Charge Features

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High Amp Fast Charging

Circa Charge can boost your phone’s battery life in a matter of minutes. This makes it easier for you to keep up and do your work efficiently.
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Sleek, Modern Design

The charging pad and wireless adapter are designed for ease and convenience. If you have a USB outlet you can plug your charging pad and place it anywhere.
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100% Wireless

As soon as you place your phone in the charging pad the adapter will immediately charge your phone up. You don’t need tangled cables anymore.

Circa Charge Specifications


Size: 100mm x 7mm


Weight: 45g


Color: Black


Charge Speed: High


Free Wireless Adapter: iOS/Android/TypeC

Circa Charge Wireless Charger Shopper Reviews

I think this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It is such a convenient device that I bought two of them. One for home and another for my office. Andrea Sulley

I didn’t know how wireless charging works but it sounds really efficient. I am planning on buying this one, will post a better review later after I tried and tested it. Jackson Lee

For those who are looking for a sleek and affordable wireless charger then this is it. With an adapter included, it makes any phone model compatible with wireless charging. Joe Ramirez

This device really made it for me. I can’t believe I can charge up my phone completely within several minutes. I have been using this for 2 months and I am very pleased with it. Kaya Hessley

Circa Charge was one of my choices when I was looking for a wireless charger. I think the wireless adapter is a great feature that made me buy this product. It is easy to use too. Morgan



Summary I was always interested in what wireless charging can do when the latest Samsung S9 came out. But I couldn’t really buy another phone just for that, so I researched other alternatives just for that. I bought a Circa Charge that comes with an adapter to test it out with my iPhone 7 Plus. I bought one with an inclusion of an iOS adapter and it came last week. The first time gets a bit of getting used to because I keep forgetting that you have to plug in the adapter first before placing it in the charging pad. The first time I tested when my battery was 20%, I came back after 20 minutes and it only charged to 87%. Which is not completely charged but it’s still quite fast. I tried plugging the adapter with my iPad too and it worked. Circa Charge is a great alternative for those who don’t like entangled and easily broken apple chargers. You can also buy it with other outlets and that enables any phone model to become compatible with wireless charging. It’s convenient and easy use. I just place my phone on the charging pad when I am not using it and it charges my phone right up! I would recommend this.


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