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AirTV Player: Product Reviews and Rating

AirTV Player: Product Reviews and RatingScore 89%Score 89%

AirTV Player Product Description

Nowadays there’s a lot of options when it comes to watching good entertainment. You can subscribe to media providers or online streaming services to get your dose of it. But What would you say if you could turn your normal tv into a triple threat entertainment without paying any more monthly bills? Because that is possible with just one device, the AirTV Player.

The AirTV Player is a media streamer that can integrate local channels in ultra HD quality in your TV while also giving you access to Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and other streaming services with just a push of a button. You also record local channels in a DVR and have Sling TV access to unlimited TV channels and movies. But that’s not all, the AirTV Player also supports Google Play which gives you instant access to apps and Android TV content.

AirTV Player gives you the best multimedia experience with an all-in-one remote and a single tuner adapter that completes the package of having a seamless TV experience. It is more than enough to make hundreds of other users cut the cord and switch to AirTV Player which only requires one payment bill. Installing one at your home is the better decision over monthly cable bills.

AirTV Player Pros & Cons


The AirTV Player has it all, the unlimited channels in HD quality, free movies and a world of great content in just one platform. It’s a great alternative for cable TV users who want to cut the cord.


Some AirTV Player accessories are sold separately and it requires you to have an antenna, internet access and HD TV to function.

AirTV Player Features

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Seamless TV Experience

Installing an AirTV Player to your TV will surely enhance your TV experience to the next level. It’s the best alternative to buy if you cut the cord.
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All in One Access

AirTV Player gives you access to a world of content in just one platform. Free movies, online streaming and an unlimited access to local and cable TV channels.
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No More Monthly Bills

A lot of people are now exchanging their cable TV subscriptions and going with high-tech antennas  like AirTV Player. It is convenient and offers a lot more possibilities than just your standard TV experience.

AirTV Player Specifications

Media streamer
Single TV tune adapter
Power cord
Color: light blue

AirTV Player Shopper Reviews

I now can watch Netflix on my TV without a hitch. The remote looks awesome and it even has this feature to find your remote control if it gets lost. awesome! Shane

Great product! I found this when my brother had one in his apartment and got hooked. I didn’t know that you can have access to everything in just one device. Definitely buying one.    Tristan Crowe

I bought this recently and tested it for a couple of weeks and I am amazed. The interface looks great and the remote control has buttons for google play, Netflix and sling TV for easy access. This is a must-have for Tv owners out there. Bryan Hernandez

Convenient, lots of options and great interface. Didn’t expect this much when I bought it. I found reviews of it online and finally bought one and it is worth it. Emil Reed

We decided to cut the cord a month ago and we bought one recently. Now, my family enjoys a much better TV experience than we had with cable TV. We enjoy more choices when it comes to picking what movie or TV series to watch. It’s fantastic! April Fua



Summary AirTV Player is such a good bargain! I have been looking for something like this for a while and this is just what I needed. I chose to cut the cord because we must pay our increasing bills. So, without a doubt, AirTV Player is such the best alternative I can find for our entertainment. Having it installed in my home was a good idea because my family now have access to more channels and free movies without paying for anything monthly! We have been watching TV as a family together and cutting the cord was a negotiation on my part and installing the AirTV Player is a great and cheaper solution to our problem.
It has helped to save money for our other funds while not sacrificing our TV experience. I bought all the components of AirTV Player to be sure that we get the full experience and it didn’t disappoint. I can record my favorite episodes through a separate DVR hard drive and my daughter tested the amplifier for more channels and it caught other free local TV channels we didn’t know we could access. It’s amazing what this product can do. We have been using it for over 3 months now and thanks to this my family have all the entertainment we can get.


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