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911 Help Now Safety Device: Product Reviews and Ratings

911 Help Now Safety Device: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 92%Score 92%

911 Help Now Product Description

Having an emergency is one of the worst cases that you can get yourself into. You never know when it will come and you never know what type of emergency can happen. Being prepared is of utmost importance. You need to get yourself prepared as well as your loved ones. You are not always with your family which is why you have to make them aware of the things to do when there is an emergency. The most common safety hazards at home are falls, fires, carbon monoxide, poisoning, sharp objects, choking, and many more. When one of these hazards occur, you must immediately contact the emergency hotline for help. Contacting 911 may sound easy and simple, but there are certain people who need a much simpler way of doing this. With the new 911 Help Now Safety Device, you will feel safe and secure knowing that your loved ones will always get help when needed. 

The 911 Help Now Safety Device is a one-button panic device that contacts your 911 operator directly in any case of emergency. It is a one-time purchase with no hidden fees. Plus, the device is really affordable! All you have to do in case of emergency is to push the red button and it will instantly connect you to the emergency operator to come to your aid.

911 Help Now Pros & Cons



The 911 Help Now Safety Device is a one-time purchase only, there are no hidden charges.


It gives you peace of mind wherever you go at any time.


No need to have the contact of various emergency lines.


It is wearable around the neck so you can have it anywhere.



After some time, you might need to replace the batteries of this electronic device to keep it working.

911 Help Now Features

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad effective pain relief

One-Button Device

The 911 Help Now Safety Device only has one-button built into it for maximum ease and simplicity. You need only to push this button in case of an emergency.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad easy to use

24/7 Support

At any time, day or night, the 911 Help Now Safety Device will connect you to the 911 emergency operator if it is activated.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad speeds up recovery

Super Affordable

This safety device is super affordable because it is a one-time purchase only without any hidden charges. You do not need to spend on any other phones or other safety devices to get help.

911 Help Now Specifications


Battery Operated: Yes


Splash Resistant and Durable


2-Way Voice Connection

Shopper Reviews

 I am a mother of three and I always feel anxiety when I leave them for work. My eldest is only 9 years old so I leave them in the hands of my babysitter. I bought one unit of this 911 Help Now and it makes me feel much safer knowing that they can easily contact the emergency operator.

Jaclyn Cruz

 I am a senior citizen and I bought the 911 Help Now weeks ago. Safety is very important, I do not want to get myself in a situation where I cannot get any help whatsoever.

Billy O'Donnel

 Having this device gives me peace of mind but I never imagined what instance I would use it until I did. A fire happened in the neighborhood and I immediately pressed the button. Helped finally came and I have everything this 911 Help Now to thank.

Nikkita McCallister

I bought every single one of my loved ones this safety device because you can never really be too sure when something bad might happen. As a father, I hope we never really get into any serious emergency, but having this device on our hands gives us peace of mind.

George Ramirez

The device totally works. There was a time when we had to rush my 80-year old mother to the hospital. We used the 911 Help Now to get help as soon as possible. It is very reliable and fast! Totally recommend it.

Mimi White



Summary You never know when an emergency will come and having total peace of mind seems impossible in this day and age. A lot of safety hazards can happen at home and who knows what might happen outside. Having a reliable and handy safety device is truly essential if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secure at all times. The 911 Help Now Safety Device is the perfect tool to spend your money on. It is a one-time purchase only with no extra monthly fees. The gadget also comes at a very affordable price so you can get multiple units for your family. It is a simple device that has one-button. All you need to do to contact your emergency operator is to press this button, and it instantly connects you to it. This way, you do not need to go through the hassle of looking for a phone and dialing yourself. In emergencies, every second matters which is why the 911 Help Now Safety Device truly becomes the best tool to have on you. The 911 Help Now Safety Device is battery operated and can be worn as a necklace so you can have it on you anywhere you go. It is also splash-resistant and very durable. With this safety device, you will feel much safer and secure knowing that help is only one-button away.


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