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Earth Hour: Practical Ways to Save Electricity

Earth Hour: Practical Ways to Save Electricity

Nowadays we are using electricity 24/7 this act alone is what makes climate change more prevalent in the future. The Earth Hour movement is for everyone to take a pledge in saving our planet with just one act of switching the lights off. This act is more than just creating the awareness of climate change, it’s also to encourage everyone to adapt their lifestyle, to be more ecological and conserving. You can start doing simple things that would really help this movement by following these practical ways to conserve electricity.


The most basic thing you can do is to unplug. Turn off any unnecessary lights and keep unused appliances unplugged this includes your Wi-Fi router. You can even take your time to detach yourself from any electronic device and just unplug. No charging, no watching TV, do nothing that involves electricity. This can be the easiest thing you can do and will help cut your expenses on the monthly electricity bill.

Keep it cool

In hot summer months, its always tempting to keep the A/C on but this will only make it harder for you when it is switched off. One of the best alternatives is just to get out of your home or let the natural breeze in. Another alternative is to limit you’re A/C use to night time only and dress in clothing that suits the weather.

Live more naturally

This term can mean a lot of things but in this way, you can choose to take things on your own hands rather than depend on electronic devices and appliances. Like instead of using the dryer, you should hang your clothes up and let them dry on a sunny day. And instead of turning on the lights you can benefit from the sun’s natural light.

Use renewable energy

This is a fairly new technology that is slowly taking on the mainstream market. Using renewable energy is such an efficient idea that makes paying bills so much easier. Installing a solar panel in your roof can provide you with so much more energy than you need. The thing is you have to adjust your lifestyle around it because it all depends on the amount of sunlight it gets. Solar panels definitely cost a lot but it is an investment that will help in the long run. Other than that, you can try using other devices that incorporate solar power in them, like portable solar chargers and other energy efficient appliances.

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