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Be a Camping Pro with these Amazing Camping Hacks

Be a Camping Pro with these Amazing Camping Hacks

Everybody needs a break from the city life every once in a while. Why not try camping? Breathe in the fresh air, see the amazing sights, sit around a campfire, the great outdoors – it is truly a wonderful experience. Camping sounds like fun now, but don’t expect to trail through rainbows and unicorns. As beautiful as the great outdoors may seem, they can give you a rough time if you do not know what you are doing. You must prepare yourself before going camping and be knowledgeable about what problems you might face along the way. Lucky for you we made a list of amazing camping hacks that would make you a camping pro.

Here are amazing camping hacks that you should take note of.

1.   Make a checklist.

The first thing before going camping is to make a checklist. Make sure that you have everything that you need. You do not want to be halfway through your camping trip and realize that you have left something. Go through it a couple of times because you can never be too sure. Tend to bring just the items that you will surely use because extra baggage for unnecessary things can cause you more trouble.

2.   Pack like a pro.

Save space on your bag by packing like a pro. Roll your clothes and stuff them inside socks is a great way to save space and make your bag look neat. This way you have plenty more room for other stuff.

3.   Use sage as a mosquito repellant.

Mosquitoes can be very annoying once you’ve settled in your camping spot. There are store-bought mosquito repellents but sometimes they don’t smell pleasant. They can smell chemically. Use a natural mosquito repellent instead. Use sage instead. You can repel mosquitoes by adding sage to your campfire. It keeps the pests away and it is pleasant to the nose too.

4.   Easy Lighting

At night it can get pretty dark. There are no power outlets available so you can’t bring a lightbulb. An easy fix for this problem is to use gallon jug lighting hack. Strap a headlight to a gallon jug filled with water. It lights up a tent instantly.

5.   Waterproof Case for Matches

You will need matches when you go camping. It can get chilly at night and of course what is a camping trip without a campfire. A box of matches can easily get wet so it is safer to put them in a waterproof container. Attach sandpaper to it so you can light them up.

6.   Use Doritos to Start a Fire

This hack is pretty amazing. To the person who thought of lighting Doritos to start a fire, thank you very much. This hack has been going around for some time now because it really works. If you can’t find kindling, or too lazy to look around, use Doritos instead.

7.   Waterproof Your Shoes

Your shoes can get wet when you hike through the woods. Wet shoes, socks, and feet can get stinky. Waterproof your shoes by using beeswax compound. Spread the beeswax to your shoes and dry it with a hairdryer. Voila! Your shoes are now waterproof.

8.   Vacuum Seal your Food

Vacuum sealing your food keeps them fresher. It also keeps pests from getting into your food. Lastly, it can also save space because vacuum sealing takes out all the air so you have a lot more things to put in your cooler or bag.

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