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7 Youtube Channels for Awesome History Lessons

7 Youtube Channels for Awesome History Lessons

Sometimes history is not enough to be read and taught in classrooms it should also be portrayed in more interesting ways. Plenty of YouTube channels are dedicated to keep history engaging and a lot more entertaining. You can learn more about the history of the world by just watching a 3-minute video and that’s something worth watching. Here are some of the channels you should start subscribing to if you like to learn something cool about our world’s history.

Cut – 100 Years of Beauty

The channel Cut has started the trend of showcasing the different versions of a 100 years of beauty through their makeovers in one video. Their series pays homage to the cultural and historical importance of each look and has gained a lot of views because of it. Nowadays they have made videos of different countries, ethnicities and culture.


As wholesome as it gets this channel takes you back to 18th century with Mr. Jon Townsend cooking recipes based on that time period. Mr. Townsend lets us in on the lifestyle and food staples of the past way before when brick ovens are the most advanced cooking device. You will definitely learn something new here and maybe try making your own 18th century style dishes.

Comedy Central – Drunk history

The segment of Comedy Central’s Drunk History is one of the funniest renditions of the world history. Each episode tells the story of an iconic character or a major historical moment in drunk narration. Its less serious take on the subjects makes for an entertaining yet educational videos of what happened in the past.

English Heritage

This historical channel based from the UK has plenty to offer. Their most popular segment being the Victorian way of cooking, tells us how the cooks from the past create signature dishes that are served for the nobles of their household. It also introduces us to Audley End House and its one of a kind cook Mrs. Crocombe.

ERB – Epic Rap Battles of History

If you would like to watch Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill insult each other through a rap battle. Then this channel will not disappoint. It has plenty of iconic characters from our history going head to head trying to one-up each other through a series of timely insults that are both informative of their life and full of burns.

History Buffs

Is one of those classic movie review channels but this time it is dedicated for historical movies. From classic novel adaptations to films based on a true story. This channel will explain what’s behind the story of some of the most famous historical films.

Extra Credits

This channel’s well illustrated animation videos about history is all you need to watch to get a crash course on history. From the origins of writing to historical characters this channel has plenty of educational videos that feels like watching cartoons.

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