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7 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Overheating

7 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Overheating

Most phone users must have encountered their phone overheating too much. This might be because of either the phone’s battery, screen or processor. Since our phones are electronic devices its normal for them to emit heat. Normal temperature can range from 37-43 degrees Celsius but if in some cases that the phone will heat up faster than normal it’s probably because of these reasons below:

1.Too much screen time

If you tend to use your phone for gaming or watching videos, then it’s better to optimize the screen’s brightness to keep your phone from overheating. And if you have been using your phone for hours without any break then it also means that your phone’s processor is overworking to the point that it will heat up too much.

2.Background apps are running

Aside from what you in your screen a ton of apps can be running on the background while you’re using it. Especially if you have a lot of installed apps in your phone. It also doesn’t help that you have too much junk or data stored up in your phone. Make it a habit to clear them up with a cleaning software and keep.

3.Malware hidden in apps or website ads

The most troubling thing about downloading apps from unknown sources or visiting websites without an adblocker is that your phone can literally be hacked and be programmed to receive pop-up ads or other shady behavior. So, it’s important to be cautious of the websites you visit and download an ad blocker or antivirus software in your phone.

4.Third party chargers

It’s true that there are a lot of cheap chargers on the market but that’s what also makes them more incompatible with charging your phone. Especially with USB chords, they can make charging so much slower and make your phone overheat.

5.Using while Charging

Since your phone is already overheating, then it’s not advisable to overuse it while it’s in that condition, especially while it charges. Don’t place your phone on your bed or a cushioned area while charging this is to prevent heat from trapping in your phone.

6.Automatic Updates

If you haven’t noticed, every time you connect your phone to WiFi, there’s going to be automatic updates downloading in the background. This might take a while especially if you have a slow connection.

7.Outside temperature

Aside from the internal temperature of your device. The weather can also affect it too especially if you place it an area where the sunlight can hit it. Take off the phone case to make it easier for your phone to cool off internally.

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