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6 Best Ways to Treat a Common Cold at Home

6 Best Ways to Treat a Common Cold at Home

Whether we admit or not, catching a common cold is always a seasonal occurrence that is bound to happen one way or another. You can catch it because of the weather changes, or you came in contact with some germy areas that have fully entered your body and is wreaking havoc.   

While having a sick day back then when you wanted to avoid a school day was glorious, the consequences are much more different when you catch it as an adult. The most obvious remedies for the common cold would be more rest and lots of fluids. But you can also find that you can enjoy a host of remedies that can treat your cold more comfortably.

Brew a cup of hot tea

Warming yourself up to a cup of tea mixed with spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom will help prevent that stuffy nose you’ve been suffering. The spices can charge up your immune system and loosen nasal congestion. You can also add a spoonful of honey to for good measure because this also helps in soothing your throat.

Have a bowl of homemade chicken soup

The health benefits of a warm bowl of chicken soup are well-known throughout the world. Almost every culture has their own version of chicken soup. It’s easy to make and you can definitely gain a lot from it. A bowl of chicken soup reduces inflammation and has compounds that quell some cold symptoms.

Turn on the humidifier

Controlling the moisture in your room will really affect your cold, especially if you have a sore throat. Dry air can worsen your sinuses and sore throat. So, if you turn the fan or the air condition on you should also put on a cool-mist humidifier to moisten the air.

Get cozy on fresh sheets

Getting your rest is a major part of treating your cold. Make your bed extra comfortable by changing into clean sheets. Leave your phone out of all of it and take a no gadget day.

Do some stretching

Aside from taking a much-needed rest, you should further assist your body by moving around and doing some stretches. This will help in your blood circulation and keep your immune system working better.

Take a dose of decongestant

If you really need a quick cure for your cold, then a decongestant will work best. It can be taken as a pill or as a nasal spray which is very effective in fighting the cold. Consult your doctor before taking one because it can bring some side effects if you are not careful.

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