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5 Tips You Need to Know in Making A Meal Plan

5 Tips You Need to Know in Making A Meal Plan

Meal planning is a method that has proven to save you more time and money in a busy lifestyle. It has more benefits compared to ordering another takeout for lunch. It can be done based on preference or to have meals more efficient to eat and make during the busiest days. By having a meal plan you will surely have more control over your diet and help you eat wholesome meals which is essential for a healthy lifestyle. These are some of the key points you should be remembering when you create a meal plan on your own.

Have a go-to shopping list

A go-to shopping list means that everything in that list can be used to make a meal. You can just add more things to it, but the essential ingredients must be there. Look at your pantry and list down items that can help you in making meals on a fly. This list can be added upon by the type of ingredients you add in your meals you will be making at the start of the week. This way you don’t have to start over from scratch every week.

Make a good template

Meal plans always start with a template of what you would likely be eating in the coming days. This lets you track down your diet and the kind of meals you have to be cooking. A good weekly meal plan should include all the essential food groups through careful planning. These groups are fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. A good example of a balanced meal is a bento box which has all the components of the food groups.

List your favorite recipes

Meal plans give us a lot of options to choose from. You can start by listing down the recipes you and your family like to eat and then make them the base of the plan. This makes it easier for you to focus on what you can make and to add more variety to it you can try and use seasonal recipes to get more out of the produce that season. Another way to build up the list is to expose yourself to other kinds of cuisines as well.

Try seasonal ingredients

Seasonal ingredients come and go, and they can be great for adding variety to your meal plan. Cooking with them in mind can also help you in saving up money because the prices can go low when there are plenty of them in the market.  

Prevent food waste

Leftovers become a second thought every time a new meal enters the table. And it shouldn’t be that way. To wasting them you should change them up with other components to create new recipes and incorporate them into your meal plans.

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