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5 Simple Acts You Can Do to Save The Planet

5 Simple Acts You Can Do to Save The Planet

It’s obvious that our planet needs all the help it can get. Many animals are endangered and more natural forests are being cut for various industries. As a person, we may not have the power to make a huge impact that would save the world. But by supporting more environment-friendly changes we could lower the contribution of damage to our environment. Here are the simple ways we can try and save the planet in our own way.

No more single-use plastic

The use of non-biodegradable plastics has been prevalent in our consumer culture and this is not good for the environment. That’s why it is encouraged to stop using single-use plastic and containers to reduce plastic waste at all levels. To begin with the practice, you can start with using reusable eco-bags during your grocery trip. It’s also a must to use reusable containers for your food and drinks.

Reduce Waste

The 3 R’s for the environment is there for a reason and that is to reduce waste, recycle what’s left and reuse items that can be salvaged. They are there to remind us that we need to be more responsible for reducing our waste and be more aware of the excess waste we produce. It’s a given that it takes an effort to practice these principles, but it does create an impact on your lifestyle and immediate surroundings.

Conserve Resources

The most common practice that we should uphold is to conserve our resources. It is one of the things that every household can do to reduce their carbon footprint. From the simple act of plugging off all the unused electrical appliances and using energy-saving products is an improvement towards conservation. As well as conserving water by monitoring for leaky pipes and recycling water for other uses. Aside from being eco-friendly, these practices can really cut down monthly bills

Practice sustainability

Being sustainable doesn’t always have to be too hard. Making your own lunch from scratch and fixing broken items that can be and salvaged are good sustainable practices. Another simple way to be more sustainable is by supporting your local community. Buying locally grown products from a farmer’s market is a great way to support the business and allow them to continue farming organically at their own pace and won’t resort to mass producing everything they sell.

Shop Eco-friendly

Nowadays, there are many eco-friendly products on the market. From eco-friendly packaging, clothing, homemade products, and reusable items more and more products are catering to the eco-friendly customer. This is a good thing for the most part but sometimes these products are not ethically produced so make sure that the products you buy are safe and trusted.

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