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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Air Conditioner All Day

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Air Conditioner All Day

The cool feeling of the air conditioner when the summer heat is blasting outside is such a relieving experience that makes you always want to keep it on all day. It certainly is a great feeling but if you do turn it on for a long time then you should know about the side effects it does to yourself and your environment. This is because most household air-conditioners are not safe when you leave them on 24/7. It can result in some bad consequences which can affect you and your family. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t leave them on for a long period of time.

Being exposed to it 24/7 will get you sick

How is it possible to get sick while you have the air conditioner on? One aspect is it reduces the humidity and moisture in the room making the air drier. The effects of dry air can be harmful to your body because it causes dry skin, dry eyes, and even sore throat. Having a humidifier is one option but it just adds up the cost of your electricity bill.

It saves you on your electricity bill

It’s not affordable anymore to turn on your air conditioner for long periods of time. Your electricity can rack up two to three times its amount because air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy to function. Programming the thermostat and controlling the time when it should be turned on should help you in bringing down the cost of your electricity bill or better yet get cheaper alternatives instead like a ceiling fan. 

You increase the dry air in the room

As was stated, dry air is not good for your body. Humidity and air conditioning don’t work together because the moisture in the air reduces the cooling effect of the cool air from the air conditioner. The recommended amount of moisture or humidity in your room should be 35%-50%. Keeping the balance by turning it off once in a while can help with increasing the moisture of your room.

They’re not blowing clean air

Cleaning up the air conditioner is not really an easy task. It’s a complex machine that can be hard to fix and remove the parts. It’s necessary to clean at least every few months to remove the gunk and dirt buildup it gets from the air. You can hire some air condition cleaning services or get some help to clean it. Because the dirt buildup from the air conditioner can spread over your room every time you turn it on

They produce greenhouse gases

It is a fact that air conditioners emit greenhouse gases that are affecting our planet. While you cool yourself at home you may be a part of warming the environment outside. All air conditioners produce greenhouse gases called HFCs, or hydrofluorocarbons because of the way they are designed. It’s an alarming fact but it is something you should be aware of if you want to keep using an air conditioner for long periods of time.

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