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Hair Luxe Brush: Product Reviews and Ratings

Hair Luxe Brush: Product Reviews and RatingsScore 93%Score 93%

Hair Luxe Brush Product Description

Styling your own hair at home without extra hands can be a huge struggle. It’s even more difficult when you want to straighten your hair but can’t reach all those pesky hair strands at the back of your head. Besides that, styling poses dangers too. Hair straighteners especially can cause injury because they’re quick to heat up and, if you’re not careful enough, can easily burn your hand or worse.

If you’re tired of sustaining painful injuries for the sake of salon-made straight hair and want to significantly cut your time getting ready, ditch traditional hair straighteners and use Hair Luxe Brush instead.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of this seemingly ordinary brush because it’s anything but ordinary. Hair Luxe Brush is a wonderful hair straightener which can help you achieve beautiful straight hair within minutes. It’s made with rubber bristles capable of heating up which straightens hair as you run the brush through it. Suitable for all types of hair and capable of straightening out even the kinkiest of curls.

Unlike other hair straighteners, Hair Luxe is easy to use and can be used to reach even the shyest of hairs. It’s designed to gently straighten while de-stressing the hair to prevent breakage hair fall. Also comes with free heat-resistant gloves for additional protection.

Hair Luxe Brush Pros & Cons



Removes tangles while straightening hair


Easy to use on your own and works fast


money-saving alternative to a salon treatment


Comes with extra items



Have to keep clicking the add button to select the heat level

Hair Luxe Brush Features

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad effective pain relief


Hair Luxe is a cool hair straightener which, instead of using a heating iron, uses advanced heating bristles and doubles as a comb. Great for detangling hair and styling it at the same time. Allows you to achieve super straight hair within minutes and avoid damage from overheating.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad easy to use


Designed to be simple but extremely effective. Hair Luxe doesn’t just work faster than other straighteners, it’s easier to use too. All you need to do is turn it on by pressing the On button for 2 seconds, select your temperature, and run it through your hair. No other tools necessary and no difficult steps to follow either.

AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad speeds up recovery


Hair Luxe can be used for different hair types and comes with varying degrees of heat levels. To select your preference, simply push the on/add button. The thicker the hair, the higher the level recommended.

Hair Luxe Brush Specifications


Package Inclusion: Gloves, 1 Small Hair Clip, 1 Medium Hair Clip, Hair Straightener velvet bag


Color: Pink



Summary Say goodbye to bad hair days with Hair Luxe Brush. A high-quality hair straightener that’s incredibly easy to use and works faster than ordinary straighteners. It’s safe to use and made with special heating bristles which can tame your wild hair within minutes.
What really sets Hair Luxe apart from the rest though is that it eliminates the struggle of reaching difficult areas of your hair and the risk of burning your fingers while styling just uses it like you would any regular brush and watch it transform curly and frizzy hair into salon-made straight in no time. No prepping or anything required. Hair Luxe does everything for you.
It’s good for your budget too and a much better alternative than going to the salon. Buy one and you can skip overspending for hair treatments and get better results anytime at the comfort of your home with Hair Lux Brush.


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